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Tiktok Time Traveler

TikTok Time Traveler Makes Scary Predictions About the Future

Time travel is a popular theme in movies and TV shows, but it’s not actually something that can happen. Instead, we’re left with fictional stories about a time traveller from the future who is able to alter history and change our way of living.

This week, a self-professed time traveler from the year 3036 has gone viral on TikTok with some scary predictions about the future of humanity. In his videos, he claims that Earth will soon be destroyed by a war between aliens and humankind. He even shared some cryptic images of what he said the battle would look like, but people were quick to spot that the AI-generated pictures weren’t real.

But, what if it was actually possible to travel through time? In a series of clips, he told his followers that he has ‘proof’ that a ‘big event’ will happen in December.

The tiktok time traveler claimed that the “hostile aliens that built the pyramids” will soon be returning to Earth and starting a war on Christmas Day 2022. He also predicted that the world would be hit by three mega-disasters at the end of the century.

There are a number of TikTok accounts that claim to be time travelers, and they have gained a large following because they make outlandish predictions about the future. Some of them have even been accused of being fake, but others have been praised for their wit and creativity.

One of these accounts has over 351,000 followers and has been gaining a lot of attention recently. In his latest video, he outlined a number of events that are set to occur in the next few years.

He even made some pretty kooky claims, including the fact that humans will find new planets in November, and that a passenger airliner will disappear over the Bermuda Triangle. But he also warned that humans will be visited by aliens in five major events in 2023 and a 750ft tsunami will hit California on May 15.

These predictions are definitely not bullsh***, but they’re sure to get you laughing!

Some of these accounts are even taking place in Spain, where there is currently a lockdown. This user, whose name is Javier, was desperate to prove that he is in the future and has even given us dates of supposed events that will happen between now and 2027.

This isn’t the first time a tiktok time traveler has made predictions about the future of Earth. Back in November, Alaric from England claimed that a passenger airliner would disappear while flying over the Bermuda Triangle and that there would be a 750ft mega-tsunami on May 15 223.

Another account has recently claimed that Tesla and Amazon will develop new futuristic technology, including ‘printable food’ and a ‘Wifi chip that allegedly cures paralysis’. He has also urged his fans to subscribe to his page if they want to see more videos from the future.

The latest video, which has gotten over 6,000 likes, explains that “the Distants” are a hostile species of aliens who are trying to ‘command’ the galaxy. They’re known to place their pyramids on each planet that they take over, if it has life.