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Houston Travel Nurse Jobs

Houston Travel Nurse Jobs

Are you in search of travel nursing jobs in Texas? Houston is an excellent starting point. Not only is the city a global center for patient care and medical research, but it’s also home to several nursing schools.

Travel nursing offers many advantages, such as flexible work hours and the chance to explore new places. Furthermore, many travel nurses enjoy excellent employment benefits and perks like competitive pay and complimentary housing while on assignments.

Travel nursing is one of the most sought-after specialties in nursing, offering nurses the unique opportunity to experience different locations and clinical settings quickly. This can help them progress professionally and gain invaluable experience as they embark on their next assignment.

Finding travel nurse jobs requires using an agency. These organizations match employees with opportunities at hospitals and other healthcare employers nationwide, offering a wide variety of assignments from 4 to 13 weeks in duration.

Nurses interested in pursuing a travel nursing career should possess at least two years of nursing experience and hold a valid license. In certain states, licensure requirements may be waived depending on where you choose to work.

Companies often provide sign-on bonuses, housing stipends and loyalty rewards as additional ways to boost your salary.

Travel nurses typically make between $20,000 and $50,000 per week, with some earning as much as $45,000 or more. Of course, salary levels will vary based on a nurse’s specialty and where they live in the U.S.

In Texas, some of the top cities for Registered Nurses include Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Arlington, San Antonio, McAllen, and Austin. On average, registered nurses make around $99,000 annually in Texas.

Houston is an exciting city that offers visitors plenty of sights to see, such as museums and art galleries. Additionally, Houston plays host to various professional sports teams like the Astros, Major League Baseball and collegiate football games.

Houston is known for its “go big or go home” attitude. Whether you’re watching pro sports or rooting on the University of Houston, you’ll be immersed in a fun atmosphere sure to entertain you.

Travel nurses can take advantage of the city’s beautiful weather and abundant outdoor spaces. There are numerous public golf courses, parks, lakes and beaches nearby for enjoyment.

You can also explore Houston’s local breweries and distilleries for a craft cocktail or some authentic Tex-Mex cuisine. No matter your interests – whether learning about its history or enjoying some tasty hamburgers with fries – there will always be something exciting to do here.

Travel nursing jobs provide nurses with a unique career option that offers them the chance to explore new places and meet new people every day. It can be an enjoyable journey, making travel nursing both exciting and challenging at the same time.