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The Best Tanzanite Jewelry to Own This Winter

The Best Tanzanite Jewelry to Own This Winter

Tanzanite is one of the rarest gemstones to exist in the present time. It was discovered in 1967, given the name blue Zoisite, after the mineral it comes from. When renowned American jewelers Tiffany & Co. started using the gemstone in their ornaments, it was renamed Tanzanite, after its country of origin, Tanzania. They believed that it was one of the most substantial gemstone discoveries in over 2000 years, and ever since then, the gemstone has only gained popularity and remains one of the most sought-after for ornament use.

Top Benefits of Tanzanite

Many people choose to buy the gemstone and keep it in their homes as they believe it will help them with calmness and good physical well-being for the long term. While Tanzanite may be a popular gemstone for jewelry requirements, many believe that the stone also carries numerous healing benefits for mental and physical ailments. Therefore, let us take a look at a few of these benefits.

1. Helps segregate emotions

Human beings have dynamic personalities that are constantly evolving with time. Because of this, it may be challenging to contain and balance every emotion inside the body. It is believed that Tanzanite carries properties that will help bring about calmness and emotional balance, allowing one to feel more at peace and navigate daily life without too much worry.

2. Physical healing

Tanzanite can help us deal with physical issues such as skin problems, hair loss, etc. Using Tanzanite jewelry or keeping the gemstone close to your home can allow one to feel more at ease and combat these issues. People wearing Tanzanite may feel energized and strong to overcome the physical problems that come their way.

3. Improves intuition

Intuition is a significant part of us; it helps us navigate our daily routines and make mindful decisions. It is believed that Tanzanite has properties that allow us to tune into our intuitive side and become more aware of the situations surrounding us. Tanzanite can help us feel more confident about our decisions and be mindful of the steps we take in our life.

The Best Tanzanite Jewelry to Own This Winter

The Best Tanzanite Jewelry Pieces to Own This Winter

1. Pendants

Tanzanite is a beautiful blue gemstone many seek to use in ornamental pieces such as pendants. With a Tanzanite pendant, you can showcase the gem beautifully and let it shine upfront. Tanzanite pendants can be some of the most valuable jewelry pieces to own, and they work well with any outfit you wear. This Winter, you can get one and pair it with some gold earrings.

2. Studs

Studs may be simple earring pieces, but add a gemstone to them, and you have something precious in your collection. Tanzanite stud earrings are simple, elegant ornaments you should buy this Winter. You can pair them with all kinds of outfits, and accessories, such as rose gold bracelets, wear them for work or casually, and make the most of these jewelry pieces this season. When buying your winter outfits and accessories, ensure these are at the top of your list for purchasing some valuables.

3. Rings

Rings are beautiful and elegant hand jewelry pieces. And let’s be honest, we all love rings that feel good on our fingers and enhance their appearance. So why not buy one this Winter? You can get on some Tanzanite rings and add them to your jewelry collection. You can wear them with casual or formal outfits, for different holiday events, and with every type of outfit you have in mind. Despite minimal jewelry pieces, they never fail to stand out and elevate your looks. As the Winter rolls upon us, consider adding one to your collection.


Tanzanite is one of the rarest gemstones and one of the most beautiful ones we have seen. Its look and shine make it one of the most valuable and sought-after stones for ornamental use, and those who get to own a piece are a good group of people. This Winter, when you shop for new clothes and accessories, you should consider Tanzanite jewelry as a part of your list.