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Stay Fit

Want to Stay Fit? Here are the best 5 tips for you

“Prevention is better than cure.”

So, if you can keep loads of diseases at bay by keeping your fitness levels at an appropriate level, won’t you do it?

If yes, then read on.

Staying fit in this modern age is as crucial as breathing. It’s the least we all can and should do to prevent the health problems that seem to be getting out of hand.

Pollution at every basic level, population explosion, manipulative and fatal practices of the food industries, and for many more reasons, our immunity is going down, and the number of lifestyle diseases like obesity is getting to astronomical proportions.

Staying fit is the best form of preventive care we can provide to our bodies. And a healthy body imbues a healthy soul.

Here are 5 tips for you if you too want to start your own journey to getting fit.

1. Right foods in the right portions

Yes, we all have days when our mind strays to those cakes and candies rather than the salad, but there must be a limit to the decadence.

We should all practice some self-control. That’d help big time.

Eat sweets as little as you can. The sugar is enough to ruin all your efforts to be fit and stay so. So give yourself a treat once in a while, not every time you see some snack or cookies.

Incorporate fruits and green vegetables as much as you can. When you’re trying to get fit, these are your best bets.

A good example is apples. We’ve all read, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Well, that’s true, but in more ways, than you think.

Apples can make your stomach seem full for anything between 3 to 4 hours. That helps to curb your cravings.

Green vegetables like green beans, broccoli, lettuce, kale, spinach, cabbage, etc., keep your digestive system clean and efficient and provide rich vitamins and minerals along the way.

Also, when you’re already overweight, try to have lean meats such as turkey or chicken. Even seafood like shrimps and tilapia do an excellent job.

Another often overlooked aspect of eating is portioning the food. Small and regular portions build better metabolism. So, if you can eat six times daily with smaller portions instead of two to three full meals, do it.

2. Exercise and workouts

To get fit, you need to exercise. Simple as that.

Do them daily, at least for an hour, to get faster and more sustainable results. Just don’t try to kill yourself by running or jogging.

If you can assimilate some sort of physical activity in mundane life, like walking the stairs, it’s much better.

And if you want to get in shape fast, you’ll need workouts. You can plan or learn them on your own, like taking a brisk walk for an hour or online pilates classes. But you can get professional help too, by going to a gym.

But staying fit is another thing.

Younger people will hit the gym hard if they have intentions to change their appearance. But that motivation doesn’t last a whole life. Nor do those vague goals like ‘I need to lose some weight.’

You will be much more successful in staying fit if you can focus on immediate positive feelings, like reducing your stress level, increasing energy, and making worthwhile friends.

3. Get your sleep

Most of us spend a minimum of eight hours at our jobs, but it is critical to get the necessary sleep (6-8 hours normally) to rejuvenate our bodies.

Good sleep is like a reset button. Your body feels fresh after that, and your mind is more efficient.

Take naps if you feel tired, but don’t stretch them longer than half an hour. It can mess up your sleep routine, as you’ll stay awake at night.

Smart watches can help in this regard. They give you data about your deep sleep, and once you know, you can improve.

4. Stay motivated

You need to be motivated about your fitness. It’s something you are doing for yourself and others around you.

It is sometimes helpful to try and do things you actively dislike. For example, you may not enjoy the exercises but must show some will to do them.

Also, be a little kind to yourself. Individual motivation doesn’t come rushing to everybody.

Other things in life like money, parenting, or even your locality can decide how much you can do and how far you can go.

Then there’s life. And its own problems. Fatigue, depression, stress, and ill family members can impact your scope for physical activities.

So, you don’t have to be perfect. Plan as you go along.

5. Short & sharp habit

Workouts don’t necessarily have to be an hour. Even 15 minutes bursts can work. It’s your energy that matters. So make some time in your schedule for it. But it’s better not carved in stone.

When you first take up any exercise, it can be tiring just getting out of that damn door. So you look for excuses to delay it. But that’ll pass.

Be regular, no matter what. It will become second nature to you. And as you start feeling better inside, it’ll become a habit.


Getting fit is fast becoming a necessity rather than a choice.

So, don’t waste time thinking about how to get fit. Instead, just get into any physical activity, and continue that.

Running, swimming, cardio, hell, and even thumb fighting will do.