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Successful Content Writing

5 Essentials for Highly Successful Content Writing

Appearing at the top of the SERP and getting organic traffic is the wish of every blogger. But very few know the techniques that can be helpful for them in acquiring the best position.

Most of the writers just focus on the quantity of content and continue to upload articles on their website even without looking for the relevancy of text.

There are numerous factors that you have to consider in writing. You can’t stand among the bests if you are not looking for the quality of content.

This is a crucial SEO factor that can be supportive in leading the chart on the search engine and giving tough time to the competitors.

Does word count matter for getting a better position?

Many individuals have their minds the website can perform better by increasing the word count in the content. But the reality is that word count can never be a grading element on the search engine. It is the quality that you have to improve to make the content effective.

While we try to increase the length of the content, many of us start adding irrelevant lines in the article that are not even related to the content.

We make this attempt to increase the length of content, but the reader doesn’t demand it. They visit our website to get the relevant answers.

So the best way to improve the quality of the text is by getting control over the word count. Keep the article short and to the point.

Let’s say you are writing an article on a gadget that is useful for people. To write about that topic, you need to get an idea first about that product.

After this, write the best things about that product that can benefit the users. Avoid storytelling that will waste the time of a reader.

If you are finding it hard to get control over the word count, simply take sections of the entire article. After that define the total words for each part and set a limit of words for the whole article.

In the end, upload your content on a word counter and check the word count online and the characters present in the article. Also, it will show you the density of keywords in the content.

word count

This can be quite a handy trick in making the content limited and to the point. You will automatically eliminate the lines that are not related to the topic.

Is it essential to use an online word counter?

online word counter

Using online writing tools is never a bad idea. These can help you in pointing out the mistakes that are not catchable by the human eye. So, these online tools can detect those issues.

Similarly, when we talk about the online word counter, it will tell the words and characters along with keyword density so users can increase or decrease the length of the content.

Sometimes, we use a single word too many times unintentionally. Although, the human eye may be dodged here may miss that mistake. But online tools will reveal every single mistake and help in making the content more worthy.

Crucial factors to improve your writing

improve your writing

In this section, we will tell you some important elements that you must remember for getting breathtaking content that can keep your audience engaged.

1. Do research before writing

Many of us start writing without making research on the topic. It is really a bad practice and can lead you to add irrelevant ideas that are not concerned with the topic.

It is necessary to read the thoughts of other authors and look for the crucial factors that they are discussing in the topic.

Pen down the ideas that can help you in making the content worthy, this can be a supportive element in brainstorming.

2. Never dare to copy others

Getting ideas from other authors is not a bad thing. It is a necessary element as it can provide you with points to discuss in your article.

But many writers misuse this aspect and write the same things in their content that they have read in the article of other authors.

This makes their content plagiarized and they lose the rankings on the search engine. Readers don’t trust such sites and try to avoid them in the future.

To escape such mishaps and make the content unique for the readers, it is necessary to keep your content original and different from the others.

3. Make outlines

Readers will always go for the article that is offered in proper outlines. If you are missing this step, you will lose the audience very soon. The blog with headings and subheadings is easy to read and understand for them.

Suppose you are writing an article without giving headings. No one will read that long paragraph because they don’t have an idea that which part is defining the topic actually.

So, making the outlines is an essential factor as it will help the readers in skimming and reaching the pain point directly.

4. Keep it grammatically perfect

Grammar is an important element that most of us ignore in the writing. We witness a lot of such articles that are designed perfectly and look engaging but don’t rank on the search engine.

grammatically perfect

The reason is that they are not perfect in sense of grammar. Google considers it as a crucial element and de-ranks the pages that have grammatical mistakes.

If you are providing such content to the readers that are full of mistakes, it will distract them or they may struggle to understand the intent. Therefore, you have to take care of this factor and remove such issues.

5. Keep it to the point

Don’t add examples that are not relevant to the topic. Avoid dragging the content without any reason. Try to keep the lines simple and to the point.

If you are lacking this factor and just making the article lengthy without any reason, you are doing it wrong as there will be no reader who will take interest in reading your long article. People look for the actual points that can solve their problem and that it.

Bottom Lines

To get perform better on the search engine and attract more visitors, you have to work on the quality of the text.

Lengthy articles are not enough to rank unless you are making them unique and informative for the readers.

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