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Profit Updates From West End Coffee Company

For over 25 years, West End Coffee Company has been bringing coffee to Greenville, NC, and beyond. Since 1992, has been supplying coffee to local restaurants, coffee shops, churches, and a variety of other companies in the region. If you’d prefer to carry it home, a bag of coffee from Whole Foods or Fresh Market will suffice. Everyone was salivating over their brew. The company was thriving.

That is, until 2013. Rebecca Schramm and John Brown were in a fresh relationship and wanted to go on a new journey. They reasoned that starting a company would be a fun and exciting approach to achieve their goals. They pooled their funds — a cool half-million dollars – and purchased the company for themselves. They had lofty ambitions to have their coffee in every cup in the country.

Their experience, on the other hand, demonstrates why purchasing a company with someone you’re dating is a horrible choice. It isn’t only due to workplace rumors.

The Profit Of West End Coffee Company

Episode 13 Of Season 2 Of The Profit

Marcus entered the coffee shop with the intention of taking in his surroundings and sampling the regionally renowned coffee. Marcus took a little taste of the coffee and agreed that it was great, which was saying a lot since he isn’t a big coffee drinker.

He didn’t have much of a chance to savor his drink, though. With their squabbling, John and Rebecca disturbed his focus.

Marcus had to call a halt to their brawl in order to introduce himself. This was the first example of the company’s most serious problem: continuous disagreements among the owners. They could no longer tolerate being in the same room after being lovers.

Marcus discovered something much more disturbing than the ex-continual couple’s shouting when they eventually stopped yelling at each other. Despite the fact that they owned a coffee shop, neither of them understood how to roast coffee. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

Why haven’t they spent the effort to learn about the roasting process? Rebecca’s justification was that they had never needed to before. The roaster had been rented from the previous owner. It was taken care of if he knew how to accomplish it.

So, why was Marcus so ready to stay for this?

He saw the opportunity to make a lot of money. West End Coffee Company might pull in $3 million if they could optimize their coffee roasting and sell to additional local companies, with half of that being pure profit. Marcus has the winning numbers. He was prepared to devise an effective strategy. If only the proprietors of the businesses could cooperate together.

He offered $200,000 in exchange for 51% of the company.

Marcus, on the other hand, put a stipulation to his offer. Rebecca’s position technically allowed her to dismiss John if she so desired. Marcus wanted her to relinquish control over him.

It was worth a shot for John and Becky. They agreed to the terms and committed to collaborating as adults. Marcus was curious to see whether they could maintain their word. As a result, he put them to the test by putting them in a meeting with Larkins, a local restaurant. Hopefully, the two can demonstrate that they can operate together as business partners rather than in a continual catfight.

Their encounter went off without a hitch. Despite a little spat, John and Rebecca went away and struck a deal with Larkins.

A Deal That Went Bad


Back in the store, an adventure revealed that Marcus’s squabbles were far from over. John and Rebecca were at odds once again, this time over an inventory error Rebecca had made. Marcus was dead set on implementing a new inventory system so that they wouldn’t lose money due to another expensive error. Rebecca gave Marcus text messages to illustrate how crooked John was, just to have the final word in. He was attempting to sell the company without her knowledge.

Marcus had no idea how he was meant to operate as a partner with these two. Neither of them, at least not together, was capable of running a company. Marcus concluded that because neither John nor Rebecca were willing to volunteer, it would have to be him.

Could one of them keep the company afloat now that the transaction has been called off?

After The Profit, West End Coffee Company


Rebecca seems to have left the company after the presentation, and John is now the only owner. He may utilize the new facility as both a warehouse and a retail coffee shop.

John has been able to make some business success now that Rebecca is no longer in the way. Finally, he chose to study the roasting procedure. John has also implemented a new ordering mechanism. He may purchase high-quality coffee beans and consume them before they expire.

They’ve secured new customers and strengthened connections with existing ones, including many of the area’s best restaurants. They continue to provide coffee to churches and coffee shops in the area.

John plans to build a second store in Greenville and ultimately expand to additional locations.

West End Coffee serves coffee and smoothies at the TD, Saturday Market, on Main Street in Greenville, NC every Saturday. They offer their drinks alongside a variety of different merchants selling locally produced vegetables and charity organizations.

Disclaimer: Royal Pitch is not linked with West End Coffee Company, The Profit, or any of its subsidiaries, and the information presented in this article is only for educational purposes.

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