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The Profit Updates At Grafton Furniture

Esteban and Carmen Grafton established their furniture company in 1964 in Miami, Florida. The business began off as a tiny reupholstery establishment. Carmen was in charge of stitching, while Esteban was in charge of the upholstery. When their son, Steven, learned how to do upholstery and joined the business, it quickly became a complete family enterprise. Steven would take the enterprise to the next level by displaying furniture. Grafton Furniture quickly became recognized for its excellent quality and bespoke designs.

The Graftons have always placed a premium on quality. They are quite pleased with what they have accomplished with the assistance of their son and Mary, his wife. What began as a little business endeavor has grown into something much more. They aspire to continue to develop and improve.

Grafton Furniture Is A Profitable Company

Season 3 Episode 6 Of The Profit Updates

Since the company’s start, the original proprietors have passed away, leaving Steven and Mary as the major owners. Marcus walks in and introduces himself; he has a positive first impression of the company. Steven takes Marcus on a tour of the newly built showroom, seeking to attract the attention of designers. However, nothing in the showroom is for sale, which Marcus believes is a bad idea. Marcus visits Esteban in the warehouse and learns more about the company’s activities. There are 20 individuals that assemble furniture and do similar tasks.

Marcus’ experience of the business allows him to see that the warehouse’s equipment is insufficient. They are losing a significant amount of money as a result of it. More bad news arrives when Marcus discovers that nothing is known about the margins in terms of financials and that most of the documentation is incomplete. The scenario became a shambles as a result of workflow issues.

Steve Sr’s son, Stevie, is now active in the business, bringing the total number of generations to three. He is doing all he can for the organization, but he is unsure of his actual function. It’s unknown how he communicates with Jorge on one end and his father Steve on the other.

Marcus enjoys a meal with his family at one of his favorite eateries. He’s ready to make his offer, but first, he has to talk to the corporation about some of his worries. He is concerned that Steve Sr is dismissive of fresh ideas. Very anything his son Stevie proposes, for example, is knocked down almost quickly. Marcus emphasizes that this kind of behavior must cease and that other modifications will be required. The corporation cannot continue to operate while in debt; they must pay it off.

Marcus is offering a substantial investment of $1.5 million in exchange for a 45 percent stake in the firm. He’ll also take care of Mary and Steve Srmortgage. .’s Mary is moved to tears as Marcus delivers this knowledge. Their debts had caused them a great deal of stress in their lives. Marcus then goes on to add that he wants complete control over the company’s finances, which is agreed upon. Finally, Marcus wants complete control over Stevie and how he develops as a business employee. Mary is ecstatic about the opportunity since Marcus will be an excellent mentor to her kid. Stevie has a special place in his heart for one reason in particular.


According to Marcus, generational enterprises fail 60 percent of the time in the second generation and 90 percent of the time in the third. Stevie must be ready to lead this company if it is to prosper in the long run.

The next day, Marcus addresses the staff to explain the arrangement and how things would go. Everyone is eager to get started. Marcus gives Steve Sr the responsibility of designing some chairs that will help the firm make more money.

Marcus is scathing about the quality of some of the furniture in the store. Steve Sr admits that certain orders are hurried, and the quality suffers as a result; he takes responsibility for this. In light of this knowledge, Marcus makes a significant adjustment by deciding that Stevie will be in charge of quality control. It turns out to be a source of disagreement. Quality is often a source of contention between parent and son. They both agree to put in more effort to solve the situation.

Marcus requires Steve Sr to make certain alterations to the chair that Marcus had instructed him to make. Meanwhile, the plant is undergoing a comprehensive overhaul, with new machinery and other improvements. Marcus feels reassured by Steve Sr’s ability to basically solve the chair’s difficulties.

Marcus sees Steve Sr ranting at his son about quality again after the reassurance has worn off. While Sr continues to urge that additional furniture should be authorized, Stevie refuses. Marcus believes it’s time to confront Steve Sr. about his attitude toward his son after speaking with Esteban.

Marcus returns to the remodeled workplace three weeks later to find that things are running much better than before. In every way, business and quality have improved. Marcus can assist Steve Sr. and Stevie acquire a contract that will dramatically improve sales in an effort to get the firm connected to additional stores.

Marcus gives the family a large mural as a gift at the conclusion of the episode. He believed that the company’s family atmosphere and the pride that came with it were the most important factors in their success and that this would continue in the future.

After The Profit, Grafton Furniture


The family’s company has grown, and they now have an attractive website where you can check out their products. Their American Dream furniture brand has brought in a lot of money for the firm and is the main reason for their present success. Marcus also bought new office space in New York City, and he furnished it with Grafton family furniture.

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