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Los Gemelos

Profit Updates From Los Gemelos

Adelo Ramirez invested in himself after working numerous jobs and living payment to paycheck to saving over $40,000. He invested his funds in Los Gemelos, a tiny eatery where he would cook his own tortillas. His investment was paying off, and his popularity and earnings were increasing. Adele decided to start creating tortillas to sell in other Mexican restaurants after many years of success and expansion.

Adele’s annual income was close to $500,000 during the height of his popularity. Then Mission Foods, a huge American tortilla maker, started to eat into the local market. His revenues were fast declining, and the company was in dire straits.

Adelo turned to Marcus Lemonis of The Profit, whom he met via mutual friend George Lopez. Marcus was eager to investigate the enormous and rapidly expanding Hispanic food sector.

On The Profit, Los Gemelos

Episode 10 Of Season 4 Of The Profit

Adelo is very proud of Los Gemelos. As he was shown the wood oven in the kitchen and the articles about the restaurant placed on the wall in the corner, Marcus could see it in his face and hear it in his voice. To save money for Los Gemelos, he worked three jobs. Adelo was able to acquire a tortilla machine thanks to his early success, and he now works full-time in tortilla manufacture.

In 2006, he opened the doors of the Los Gemelos tortilla factory, anticipating enormous success and future possibilities. After achieving success on the West Coast, Mission Foods ventured to the east with a substantial marketing budget and a well-known brand four years later. The company’s annual revenue was practically halved. Despite the obstacles of competing with Mission Foods, Marcus informed Adelo that he was not interested in investing in a restaurant but was fascinated by the tortilla company.

When Adelo showed Marcus the tortilla manufacturing operations, the first thing Marcus observed was the lack of accuracy and structure. Tortillas were created by guessing the quantities and combinations of ingredients using a machine that was not even authorized in the United States because of safety concerns. The shipping and receiving sections were not directly accessible from the manufacturing line.

Employees seemed to be pleased with the working conditions and Adelo’s manner, while one of the team members informed Marcus that he was still due money for tasks completed. After investigating a bit more into the company’s accounts, he discovered Adelo was not only late on salary, but also had additional problems. Marcus felt more certain that the company was on borrowed time the more he examined. After daily running expenditures, Los Gemelos could only sustain roughly $2,400 in gross income, leaving less than $200.

Despite his disappointment with the company’s financial situation, Marcus admired Adelo’s management style and treatment of his people. He informed Adelo that the tortilla plant owned by the Los Gemelos was broken and would have to be shut down. Adelo was curious about Marcus’ intentions and what the future held for him.

Marcus brought in George Lopez, much to Adelo’s delight. Marcus provided a $150,000 investment for the three of them to launch a new Hispanic cuisine company as equal partners. Adele would be in charge of the cuisine, George would be in charge of marketing, and Marcus would be in control of the company’s finances and administration. A further $50,000 was included in the contract to compensate Adelo’s employees’ back salaries. Adelo was overjoyed, and the three of them agreed to the terms.

Marcus and Adelo set out to find out what was new in the world of Mexican and Hispanic cuisine. They went to a big supermarket to price out some of the products Adelo wanted to use and discovered that a lot of the things required for Adelo’s specialty Mexican cuisine were either too costly or too difficult to come by. They continued returning to the three mainstays of the Hispanic food industry – tortillas, chips, and salsa – after visiting a big Hispanic food wholesaler.

Marcus grew more worried about Adelo’s attention to detail and follow-through, despite the fact that the workers’ back pay had been paid. The old factory’s dangerous equipment had not been sold. Adele stated that he needed to improve his communication skills and that he would do so.

Marcus noted that Adelo’s salsa inventions were not written down or otherwise recorded when he sat down to try some. Adelo was relying on his memories and previous experience. Marcus enjoyed the salsa, and Adelo understood that a method was required to ensure that the new restaurant’s salsa was constantly superb. He employed more common components, such as sweeter, lower-acid tomatoes.

Marcus and Adelo struck a partnership with La Fortaleza, a local family-owned tortilla maker, and a salsa producer. Everything was going swimmingly, and Adelo was communicating well. They still needed to come up with a logo and a name, however.

Adelo submitted draughts of a design and business name based on one of George’s standup acts called “Ta Loco.” Marcus liked the design and thought it was suitable to give to George. At a nearby restaurant, the three partners met. The cuisine and logo, as well as the artwork that incorporated his likeness, pleased George.

Presenting their items to shops would be the last stage in the process. Adele gave a powerful presentation to Sam’s Club, convincing them to take up the Ta Loco brand for their stores. Adelo was able to close the purchase by focusing on the link to George Lopez and the genuineness of the product.

What Happened To Them? After The Profit, Los Gemelos

Los Gemelos

The restaurant Los Gemelos is no longer open, and the corporation now owns the Ta Loco brand exclusively. However, as of this writing, the firm has not launched, and no information on when it will open is available.

Adele is active on social media and describes his job title as “Ta Loco, 2017-present,” but he doesn’t mention any future plans for the company. Los Gemelos’ website is still up and running, however, the contact information is outdated or wrong.

The material in this post is offered only for educational purposes; Royal Pitch is not linked with Los Gemelos, The Profit, or any of its subsidiaries.

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