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Shark Tank Updates On Bedjet

Mark Aramli worked at NASA before creating his invention, the Bedjet. He invested a year and a half of his life and all of his money into constructing his product after deciding to make his company concept a reality.

The Bedjet is a solution to one of the most inconvenient aspects of sleeping in a bed. In the summer, body heat causes the mattress to become overly hot and unpleasant. When you turn over in the winter, the opposite side of the bed is freezing. The Bedjet is a smartphone-controlled gadget that enables you to change your mattress’s temperature. You can either heat or chill it.

The product had already generated curiosity prior to its appearance on the program. Preorders helped Aramli raise $75,000. This is the first of its type product. The heating and cooling system is efficient and cost-effective. All you have to do now is place the device under your bed and connect the nozzle. Your bed will transform from frigid to delightfully warm in only three minutes or vice versa.

The Bedjet works by inflating the mattress using air. Because you won’t need to turn on the heat or air conditioning on some nights, the device almost pays for itself, saving you money over time. It has the ability to divide into two zones, which is extremely useful for couples. Couples often have diverse tastes, and the Bedjet guarantees that everyone is at ease.

Shark Tank’s Bedjet

Shark Tank Episode 17 (Season 6)

The Sharks listened to Mark Aramli’s offer and looked intrigued. He was asking for a $250,000 investment in his invention in exchange for a 10% ownership position.

The Sharks would never have to leap into a chilly bed late at night in the winter again, thanks to Aramli’s explanation. He demonstrated and explained the Bedjet’s capabilities. He described how simple it is to use and run, noting that all you have to do is download the software to your phone and manage the device from there.

Mark Cuban asks if he may try out the product by laying down in bed after Aramli’s presentation. Aram complies, as well as responding to Kevin’s worry regarding the device’s noise level: it’s nearly quiet. Lori chooses to join Mark in the product testing, which adds a little levity to the program.

The Sharks started questioning Aramli at this time, and they were wary of his goods. The Sharks didn’t appear to be huge admirers of his, almost as if they were attempting to discover a problem in his design.

They doubt that the gadget will save anybody money since it runs on energy 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Mark added that the device may be set up in a variety of ways, the most of which are successful so that it turns on and off at the proper times and does not waste energy.


When Kevin pressed Aramli about his product’s sales, Mark disclosed that the product had not yet gone into production. In other words, no sales had yet occurred. Many others rolled their eyes at this response. Mark told the Sharks that he used to be a NASA engineer and that he first came up with the concept while working on spacesuits.

He said that the device costs $98 to produce and would retail for $499 in retailers. The Sharks were confused by this, given that the ordinary mattress does not cost nearly as much. Mark addressed their fears by recounting a trip he took to a trade exhibition. He was able to demonstrate the Bedjet at a trade fair, and he informs the Sharks that he garnered a lot of attention from many large mattress companies. The Sharks retorted that it didn’t matter what the makers wanted since this was being marketed straight to the public.

The Sharks keep pressing Aramli on his product’s pricing. Kevin was particularly upset, claiming that no one would ever pay so much. Aram claimed that he has been in talks with an Australian mattress firm, which has made him an offer of $1.1 million. Although some Sharks were impressed, it was insufficient. Cuban questioned what distinguishes this product from others on the market. According to Aram, Bedjet is the only product that works thus quickly. More suspicion greeted his answer.

The tension in the room was evident at this moment. Lori was the first Shark to walk away from a transaction when one of her inquiries went unanswered. Aramli’s main problem seems to be his inability to properly and succinctly answer some of the questions presented. When it came to getting a clear response, Mark Cuban, in particular, grew irritated.

In the end, none of the Sharks were interested in his goods, and when he exited the Tank, he was told that he would not be heard from again.

After Shark Tank, There’s Life


Mark Aramli didn’t have a great Shark Tank performance, but it doesn’t imply his product failed. Quite the opposite is true.

The product had not yet been released when Mark appeared on the program. You can purchase one for yourself now if you go to their website, and the product has been on the market for a few years.

The Sharks’ reservations about pricing seem to have been exaggerated. It’s understandable, yet this product has done very well. Mark may have heeded their counsel to some degree since a regular Bedjet costs $349. There is, however, a V2 Bedjet that costs $949! And it sells well, so it seems that the Sharks were off on their forecast. It seems that they rejected because they didn’t want to cooperate with Aramli, rather than because they didn’t believe in the product.

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