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Facts About Flavored Weed

Facts About Flavored Weed

There are a lot of ways to consume marijuana, but there are also a lot of flavors that can be put into marijuana or cannabis concentrates to appeal to a broader audience. If you have never heard the fact that weed can be flavored, you might be wondering whether it is much different from unflavored weed. Consider the following facts about flavored weed.

It Is For Adults Only

There has been a lot of controversy as to whether flavored weed should exist, and one of the biggest arguments is that flavoring weed immediately makes it more appealing to children. However, this is not the goal of producing flavored weed. Adults like flavored things as much as children do, if not more so, and a product is going to be more desirable if there is more variety. Flavor is one of the easiest ways to create variety. It does not matter whether the weed is flavored or not. If an individual is not of age to consume marijuana, they are not the ones being marketed to and should not be consuming marijuana at all.

Terpenes Are a Key Ingredient

When it comes to flavoring anything, usually you require some sort of outside flavoring agent, such as an extract. When it comes to flavoring marijuana, a significant thing to put in the flavoring is terpenes. Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in plants that help them ward off disease or discourage consumption by grazing animals. However, they can also serve as identifying markers for certain scents and flavors. If you look at terpenes for sale, most of the blends have very specific percentages depending on the flavor that they are supposed to make. Some flavor blends can contain over a hundred terpenes for the sole purpose of getting the taste and smell just right.

Helps With Selecting the Right Strain

There are a lot of different strains of marijuana, and different strains produce different results. If someone is new to consuming cannabis, choosing the wrong strain can mean having a bad experience. For instance, if a new cannabis user wants to have a relaxing experience and they select a Sativa strain, they are more likely to have the opposite experience, where they will have anxiety and will not be able to stay still.

When it comes to flavored weed, there are flavors that are meant to evoke a certain feeling, which means that the strains have to match the flavor profiles to accurately create the intended experience. For instance, if a consumer is looking for an energizing cannabis experience, they might look for something that is meant to metaphorically punch them with flavor and get them going, and in this scenario, the flavor should be mixed with a Sativa strain because they are looking for that active mindset.

Flavored weed has a lot of potential benefits and gives the consumer a chance to express themselves through various cannabis experiences. Keep these facts in mind as you go through your own experience with cannabis, and if you want to try flavored weed, use it responsibly.

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