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Best Intermittent Fasting Applications

What are the Best Intermittent Fasting Applications?

Intermittent fasting (IF) is a simple, scientifically validated dietary technique that limits your eating to a specific timeframe during the day. This way of eating allows your body to take a vacation from digestion, increasing your health, maintaining optimal cognitive abilities, and speeding up your progress toward weight reduction and overall wellness. Well, if you are worried that which application will be the best free fasting tracker, then after reading this article you will get to know about different fasting trackers:

When it relates to common varieties, fasting is very basic. You simply set a time limit for when you can eat during the day. Fasting beyond this timeframe — that is, eat nothing. This simple diet can rev up your energy, promote weight loss, and even keep your blood sugar levels stable. There is only one catch to this new style of eating: you must fully commit to your preferred diet and its plan, choosing to eat only at specific times and refraining from food for greater periods. That is why using intermittent fasting applications can be quite beneficial.

Regardless of which type of intermittent fasting you choose, an app may make things a lot easier. Because of the growing popularity of intermittent fasting programs, there are now a plethora of useful mobile apps to help you remain on track right from your smart device. The correct app helps you conquer every facet of your calorie counting plan, from meal preparation to fast track.

Several applications are made with the purpose to track the fasting:

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Zero is a feature-rich intermittent fasting application that, finest of all, gives you a lot of those capabilities for zero. This software is built around simple notifications that will help you understand when it’s time for lunch and when it’s time to break your fasting. Every intermittent fasting strategy will work with the application. You can design and monitor your fasting periods using Zero, or choose between a list of pre-set waiting slots. Timers, diaries, and other resources such as the main objective, rest and weight monitoring, and a training collection are also available.


Fastient is the periodic fasting application to utilize if you’re seeking consistent and detailed data tracking. This application is all about data collection, and it’s the ideal location to keep track of anything from meals to workouts to moods to sleep. Fastient combines all of a person’s data into a single, slick app that displays tendencies and progress in easy-to-read charts. If you want to keep track mostly of data, you can use the blogging feature, which allows you to modify and detail anything you want.


BodyFast can help you stick to your intermittent fasting routine no matter where you are in your journey. You can choose from 10 to 50 various fasting strategies (based on your membership) and switch between them with this single program. BodyFast provides you with tasks intended to inculcate positive habits and behaviors, such as regular exercise, diaphragmatic breathing, and sometimes even developing coping measures, as you settle into the fasting pattern. It turns to fast into a competition by allowing you to compete against all other users, get medals as an incentive, upgrade your abilities with tougher tasks, and much more.


Lasta is one of the applications which makes your life quality by providing you guidance about your health. It guides you a lot and the best of all you get the right to consultation regarding fasting and weight loss. It will give you a healthy mindset and life.


In the article, we have listed several free fasting tracker applications which will benefit you a lot if you use them to track your health or fitness. Install them to enjoy an amazing health and fitness tracking experience!