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Tips to Optimize Your Website for Organic Search

Tips to Optimize Your Website for Organic Search

Whether it’s your business, your blog or your personal website, being discoverable on the internet is important if you want people to find your brand. But with so many other websites popping up on search engine results pages, how are you supposed to break through the noise?

Search engine optimization (also called SEO) is how! With some simple techniques, you can add elements to your website and format your content so that it’s easy for search engines like Google to index, analyze and present to your audience. Let’s look at a few things you can do to optimize your SEO.

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The best way to get found on Google is to use keywords throughout your website and its content. You can use SEO analytics tools like AhRefs, Semrush or Moz to research what keywords your target audience is typing into the search box. As you add those keywords to your site, Google can match it with relevant searches and display your site in the search results.

It’s important to note that although keywords are a powerful SEO tool, keyword stuffing is something you want to stay away from. When you start adding irrelevant or ill-placed keywords, Google will flag your site as spam, which negatively affects your search rankings.


Using headers throughout your site’s content is a great way to give readers an idea of what they’ll find. It’s also an easy way to tell search engine web crawlers what’s on your page.

As crawlers dig through your web pages, they’re looking for a hierarchical structure. They might not scan every line of text, but if there are headers that give them information about what’s on the page, it makes it easier for them to accurately index and label your pages. That means they’ll show up in searches for people who actually want your content.

Meta Description

It might seem easier to allow your meta description to just be a snippet of your article, but writing your own is a powerful tool to help people find your website. As they scroll through the list of search results, your meta description will tell them about your web page and why they should click your link.

A good meta description should include a call to action and be 145-160 characters long. Don’t go over 160 characters or else your text will get cut off in the search results preview.

Use these three tips to optimize your website and it will make it much easier for people to find you online!