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5 Efficient Ways To Lose Weight Fast

Increasing obesity is becoming the most concerning issue in people nowadays. Due to the greater use of electronic gadgets and fast food intake, this problem is becoming common.

People have become less active and have adopted a lazy lifestyle. Weight gain not only reduces the physical beauty of the person but also causes many severe diseases like diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases. Hence, people are very much worried about losing weight, and the increased weight often lowers the person’s morale.

Very obese people often become the object of laughter among their friends and spend a lot of money on dieting to lose weight as soon as possible. But it is evident that losing weight, sweating for hours in the gym, and spending money on dieting is not the thing for everyone.

There are some easy ways to lose weight; for example, drinking water before meals can help you lose weight quickly. According to Ayurveda, drinking water half an hour or 20 minutes before your meal reduces your appetite, nutrients get absorbed by your body through water, and the digestive system stays healthy. This way, you lose weight and can also take care of your health. So Let’s learn about some similar methods.

6 effective ways to lose weight.

1. Drink warm water or green tea.

Your metabolism slows down at night; therefore, you need a way to restart its pace the next day. To achieve this, you should drink 2-3 glasses of warm water, or you can also add lemon juice and honey.

Having green tea is also an excellent way to lose weight, and if you want, you can also include detox water in your diet; detox water is prepared by mixing different types of vegetable juices and lemon juice. This proves to be very helpful in removing toxins from your body and losing weight.

2. Exercise daily

Get up early in the morning, go for a walk, stretch, and do some yoga asanas or light exercises for at least 30 minutes in the morning. Then, if possible, go to your work on foot or by cycling; if you cannot do all this, then definitely do any high-intensity exercise. This will not only boost your metabolism in the morning, but it will also help to start your day by increasing endorphins.

Apart from this, you can also join the gym if you want, the gym will maintain your continuity, and you will also feel a sense of competition among gym members. You will sweat profusely, and the guidance of a gym trainer will be of great help.

You can also buy equipment like dumbbells, tummy trimmers, treadmills, etc. Having them at your home will ease your workout routine, and you can exercise at your ease.

3. Start intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting means following an eating pattern, a continuous cycle or pattern of when to eat and when to fast. For example, you can follow 16-hour intermittent fasting, where you will have to fast for 16 hours before your next meal.

You can also prefer to fast for a shorter duration or once in 2-3 days. Apart from helping you lose weight, it will also help you improve your digestive system.

4. Eat a nutritious and fiber-rich breakfast.

Eat protein and fiber-rich foods such as eggs, fresh fruits, nuts, seeds, oats, multigrain bread, muesli, sprouts, horse-gram moong, flattened rice(Poha), etc., in your breakfast.

You can also hire a dietician or follow different online diet plans to prepare a proper and healthy diet plan.

5. Never skip breakfast or lunch.

When you diet, remember never to skip breakfast and mid-meals; always have breakfast between 7 and 8 in the morning, and a light breakfast late in the morning as it helps gain energy for the whole day’s activities.

Also, never eat a lot at a time, always eat in small portions, and always chew the food slowly and properly; this keeps your digestive system good and unnecessary fat will not accumulate in the body.


Apart from following the above measures, you also need to bring changes in your lifestyle, which is most important. The increasing stress in life, the habit of working continuously till late at night, lack of sleep due to the excess use of mobile phones, etc., also increase obesity. Adopting these changes in your daily life can prove beneficial for you to reduce obesity and stay fit.