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Questions To Ask Your OBGYN At The First Prenatal Visit

5 Questions To Ask Your OBGYN At The First Prenatal Visit

First of all, congratulations are in order. You’re pregnant! How are we feeling? Good, nervous, excited, ecstatic, and perhaps a tinge of disbelief? And you should be! Taking the first step into motherhood is a big step for you. However, once the emotions are not running so high, you should prepare some questions or have a plan when your visit your OBGYN. Usually, this appointment is held after the 8th week of pregnancy to see the baby’s progress and check on the health of the mother and the baby. 

We are well aware that you will probably have a lot of questions during your pregnancy. After all, it is a new and exciting experience. But at your first prenatal visit, what topics should you definitely discuss with your doctor? So, to help you with it and before labor begins, you’ll need answers to these key questions. Even though there may be a lot of questions you have of your own, we recommend you include the following, too:

Does My Medical History Put My Baby At Risk?

An essential question. Pregnancy is no disease; it is a natural process and one we may add that the body is suitably equipped to perform. However, if you have any condition or previous treatment that you believe will be harmful during your pregnancy, do ask what can be done to reduce its effects. 

Similarly, discussing the unfortunate incident of childbirth injury with your doctor beforehand is best. Openly ask them who will bear responsibility in case of cerebral palsy medical malpractice during delivery. By asking this question, you’ll gain a better understanding of the fact that if, unfortunately, such an incident occurs, what can you do?

Additionally, if lucky, your OBGYN has also been your doctor. It will be a big advantage, as they’ll already be familiar with your medical history. However, if you are seeing a new OBGYN, it is best to recheck your medical history so your doctor knows how best to help you.

If you have specific concerns that the doctor skimmed past or did not raise, be sure to highlight them during your appointment. Those can be mental as well as physical. Remember, your mental health is just as important. Illnesses like depression can affect your baby in unexpected and unpredictable ways. Likewise, any allergies or issues with antibiotics, surgeries, or anesthesia should be made aware to your OBGYN. 

Do I Need To Make Any Changes To My Lifestyle?

From the moment you are aware that you’re pregnant, there are some immediate changes that you have to make in your life. Depending on your lifestyle before the pregnancy, you may adjust quickly, or it may be a drastic change for you. But either way, it is necessary to make these changes for your health and your baby. You should avoid the following to prevent adverse effects from occurring in your body.


Alcohol is, of course, a no-go. In addition, caffeine should be restricted along with prohibiting certain other foods, deli meat, unpasteurized cheese, and various types of fish (especially those high in mercury). Again, your doctor will outline a list of sorts with what to eat and avoid and explain why these are necessary.


An essential aspect of our life that should not be ignored. Many medications are unsafe to use when pregnant for several reasons. The medical prescriptions and the over-the-counter medicine should both be carefully consumed. Discuss with your OBGYN which medicine is safe to take and in what dosage. And suppose it becomes necessary to come off an important medication because it is deemed too dangerous. In that case, your OBGYN will also aid you in the process or prescribe you alternative medication.

Sleep Habits

Almost all of us in today’s world are nocturnal if we’re being honest. We often prefer to burn the midnight oil, which usually turns out well enough for us. However, if you aren’t getting the needed amount of sleep, you’ll have to change a few things about your night routine. Your body will experience many changes, and you’ll have to adjust accordingly. So it’s better to keep it well rested. After all, once the baby comes, you’ll have sleepless nights for the next two years!

Work Environment 

If you believe you work in a fairly dangerous environment or are exposed to surroundings that may harm your baby, ask your manager or boss to make some changes so that is not the case. Work with your doctor to ensure what changes to bring.

Beauty Products

Nowadays, beauty products are loaded with chemicals. If you think some may be harmful to you in your fragile state, contact your OBGYN. Make sure they are aware of your products and how long you’ve been using them. So they can guide you in the best way on what products to use and which to avoid.

How Frequent Will My Appointments Be?

To better understand the bigger picture regarding your pregnancy, ask your OBGYN about how many appointments there will be. They will likely give you an estimate. Since the actual amount will depend on your needs and if you have any conditions, there will likely be more than expected. Usually, appointments are made at regular intervals to keep on a constant eye on the baby’s progress. You will likely have more frequent meetings towards the end of your pregnancy.

What Vitamins Are Necessary?

When you are trying to conceive, you may already be taking some prenatal vitamins. However, if this was unexpected, your OBGYN might prescribe you some for your health. Therefore, taking prenatal vitamins is recommended.

Is It Okay To Exercise During Pregnancy?

Maintaining an active lifestyle during pregnancy keeps you and your baby healthy. It eases pregnancy symptoms such as water retention and anxiety. Furthermore, walking, swimming, yoga, and strength training are all safe during pregnancy. In general, you should be able to continue attending any classes you were attending before becoming pregnant but consult your doctor first.

The general rule is to be a little extra careful. When you’re pregnant, you are more likely to fall (your balance is off), and you should avoid strenuous ab exercises and lying on your back for extended periods of time. Avoid exercises (like Bikram yoga) that can make you overheated and dehydrated.

Before We Part!

In all, don’t hesitate to contact your practitioner if you have any questions. Your doctor can help you determine what is normal and what isn’t if this is a new experience for you. Well, then what are you waiting for? Make sure you get an appointment! Don’t forget to get through the answers! You should discuss possible scenarios with your doctor, such as if your water breaks early or if labor begins sooner than expected.