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8 Fun Facts About Our Solar System for Kids

Fact: Our solar system was formed 4.6 billion years ago.

This write-up contains a lot of fun and entertaining facts about our solar system, so that’s why I though why not start it with the fact itself to catch your attention right away. Another fact is that for a long time, it was assumed that everything in space revolved around the Earth; however, this belief was reversed when, in the 16th century, Ptolemy of Alexandria proposed that the Earth is just one of the planets in the system and that it revolves around the sun. Now let’s get some straight and general information. There are eight planets in our solar system, namely: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Now it is time to shoot the numerous facts, like the cluster of stars in the galaxy.

1. Hottest Planet

You might be guessing that it should be the one, i.e., the one closest to our burning giant, a.k.a., the sun. However, that is not the case. The planet with the highest temperature, at 875 F, is Venus, which comes second in distance to the sun. The reason behind this is that Venus has an incredibly thick atmosphere, viz. 100 time more thicker than our Mother Earth. And when sunlight passes through its atmosphere, it gets trapped in there, making it the hottest planet of our solar system.

2. Jupiter an Ongoing Storm

How long can a storm continue? Well, here on Earth, the longest storm reigned for a whole month. But on Jupiter (the biggest planet in our solar system), the case is a bit different. It has an area known as The Great Red Spot that contains a giant hurricane like storm that has been there for more than 300 billion years and still not stopping. This storm has a speed of 270 miles per hour, which is faster than our F1 cars and it is also twice the size of the Earth (made you feel tiny?).

3. Space Isn’t That Far

All this time, looking up in the sky, you might be wondering that space is far away from us, right? But in reality, it is closer than you might have thought of, located about 62 miles away, is The Karman Line, which is the technical starting point of space. And who knows, if in the future, flying cars are invented, you could reach this point in less than one hour, viz., equivalent to the time some people reach their offices.

4. Floating Space Junk

How many rockets, satellites, and other items have we humans sent into space? more than 500,000. How many of them have returned to us in one piece? less than 1,000. So, there are probably around 500,000 pieces of space junk floating around in our solar system, which includes pieces of satellites, rockets, tools, and other man-made stuff.

5. Planet of Diamonds

Well, who doesn’t like shiny things? Even crows collect and take care of them. Though it may sound a bit luxuriant, the scientists of Yale have identified a planet that is completely made out of graphite and diamonds. The planet is named 55 Cancri, located 40+ light years away, and is twice the radius of Earth and eight times heavier.

6. Space Suits

As children, we searched for various things; the most expensive house, the largest planet, expensive watches, and what not, and if you have searched for the most expensive outfit, the answer might shock you. It is not from Gucci or Chanel, but rather from NASA. A full NASA space suit can cost you up-to $12 million, and the majority of the cost will be attached to the backpack. So if you are planning to flaunt in front of your friends, get ready to be an astronaut when you grow up.

7. Mars on Earth

Well you might have stepped on Mars, surprising right? On Earth, there are rocks that have come directly from Mars. Sentient confirmed this by analyzing their compound structure and found them to identical to the structure of rocks found on Mars. These boulders are thought to have landed on Earth as a result of an asteroid impact and/or a volcanic eruption.

8. Earth’s Composition

How are we able to live here on earth and nowhere else yet? This question surely would have come in your mind once, well here is the answer. Iron, oxygen, silicon, sulphur, magnesium, sodium, nickel, calcium, and aluminium are the elements that make up the planet(Earth). All of these elements can be found on other planets such as Mars, Mercury, Venus,etc., but only in trace amounts. Helium and hydrogen make up the bulk of elements found on distant worlds. Iron, oxygen, silicon, and magnesium make up 90% of the Earth’s composition.

If you are intrigued by these fun and interesting facts, you might be a space geek. And if you are willing to look for more facts, the list will never end. To help you get some free time for this purpose, you can get an assignment helper to complete your writing you received from school, and while they write your documents, you can look up new planets and their facts.

Authors’ bio :

Rudy Wagner is a Scientist and has been researching on several planets for more than a decade. He is very passionate about novels and movies related to space. He has been working with Global Assignment Help as an assignment helper to assist students with writing because he is also an expert writer. He lives in the USA and is space geek. In his spare time, he searches for planets, plays games online, and teaches other about Astronomy.

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