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Mid Tenn Wholesale Review

Mid Tenn Wholesale Review

This decade is the time for liquidation stores to take over, owing to the ease and prices that they offer. Gone are the days when retailers were solely dependent on wholesalers for products. You can visit ReviewsXp to find stores selling liquidation pallets, small lots, and truckloads in every product category.

This makes it quite hard to chaff out the reliable stores from fraudsters. If you are looking for liquidation stores in Tennessee, Mid Tenn Wholesale is a recurring recommendation. Given below is a detailed review of Mid Tenn Wholesale review to help you make an informed decision.

About The Company

Mid Tenn Wholesale is one of the many liquidation stores, mainly providing its services in Tennessee and beyond. They specialize in procuring liquidated merchandise from major retailers and offering those at a fraction of the original cost. With more than 500 happy customers, they have sold over ten thousand products.

In their years of experience in this industry, they have had a satisfaction rate of 100%. Although their team started in the basement as an eBay seller, they have surely come a long way owing to their quality services. From liquidation pallets to truckloads, they have really come a long way in providing all kinds of liquidation services.

Product Category

Mid Tenn Wholesale is one of the largest liquidation stores, having a storage space of 25000 warehouse square footage. This implies that it has more than enough space to store a variety of items from all categories. They buy and offer products in pallets and truckloads.

Other than this, they also have smaller lots for people who do not want to commit to bulk buying. One of its best features is that they also offer one-to-one products on special requests. One can get in them and tell them what they need, and they will work to get that stuff for a very pocket-friendly price. However, one of its limitations might be that they do not sell directly to customers and only to retailers.

Product Quality

This store to known to sell liquidation pallets and truckloads consisting of only high-quality products. Their team employs a very strict protocol to ensure that every item in every lot must be in great condition to be sold further.

They only deal with major national retailers who have a reliable reputation in the market. This ensures amazing product quality, free from risks. Their policy clearly states that they don’t take or sell broken, damaged, expired, partially lost, or defective goods. Since they promise 100% accurate manifests, they have a full refund policy in case of any defects.

Customer Service

When it comes to the customer service of Mid Tenn Wholesale, there have rarely been any complaints from their customers and client. This is one of those few liquidation stores that provide all information and address concerns on a real-time basis.

One can get in touch with them via email or contact number. In addition to this, they also have a real-time chat option on their website. If you are new to the liquidation business, they have a guide for that. Moreover, their blog section and newsletter subscription are quite up-to-date and informative. Their staff is very courteous and is always available to assist in any manner. Their services are reliable, making them one of the best places to get liquidation pallets from.


The Mid Tenn Wholesaler team works hard to ensure that all their clients can get the best possible price. Their philosophy revolves around the fact that one doesn’t require a 6-figure business to start a successful business. They work with businesses of all sizes, budgets, and capacities.

Hence, they understand the individual client requirements to get them the best deals. However, their services might not be considered the cheapest. But considering the quality and standards of their products, their prices are very reasonable and affordable.


If you are a retailer looking for reliable liquidation stores in Tennessee, Mid Tenn Wholesaler is worth a try. Their services are dependable, high quality, and quite pocket-friendly as compared to other retailers. However, this is not a suitable liquidation or dollar store for general customers.

They only sell directly to retailers to ensure that the quality and standards are maintained. But it is undoubtedly one of the best recommendations for retailers in the area, regardless of the business budget or size.