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Diamond Jewelry

Facts You Must Know Before Buying Diamond Jewelry

“Rare is the union of beauty and purity.” – Juvenal

Most of the time, when something is beautiful on the outside, it consists of some flaws within. And when it is pure at the core, it may not look gorgeous on the surface.

But what if someone could guarantee both the factors on the highest level?

Diamonds are forever

In the case of jewelry, it is important for the gemstones to be beautiful on the outside and pure on the inside. Diamonds are the most sought-after among all the precious stones.

And among these sought-after diamonds, GIA certified diamonds are the most valued ones. So, the answer to the question mentioned above is GIA – the Gemological Institute of America.

But why is it the answer? Let’s dig a little deeper.


GIA is the most reputed institute that provides diamond certifications. They have a team of certified gemologists that put every diamond through rigorous testing and then grade them after careful inspection.

It has established itself as the leading authority on diamond certification owing to its stringent tests and consistent grading worldwide since its inception in 1931.

Metrics under consideration while inspecting

To grade a diamond, GIA focuses on the 4Cs. Here we look at what these 4Cs are and how they influence a diamond’s grading.

  1. Cut – It is the first of the 4Cs. A diamond’s cut is what gives it its brilliance. The sparkle of a diamond depends upon the type of cut. Various kinds of cuts are available like round, emerald, princess, cushion, oval, etc. Each of these cuts put a different price tag on the diamond.
  2. Color – Not all diamonds are ‘crystal’ clear (pun intended!). Some diamonds are colorless, and other diamonds are yellow in color. Diamonds are measured on a letter scale ranging from D to Z, with D being colorless to Z representing yellow. The color affects the diamond’s cost significantly.
  3. Clarity – As there should be clarity of mind, there should be clarity in the diamond as well. A diamond may be flawless (graded FL) or contain imperfections known as inclusions (graded as I3). As an obvious consequence, a flawless diamond will command a greater price while the one with defects will be less expensive.
  4. Carat – The last of the 4Cs is carat, the weight of the diamond. Normally, a larger diamond is more costly but that may vary depending upon the other 3Cs. A smaller diamond that scores high on the other 3Cs will be pricey than one which is large but scores less on the other 3Cs.

Although GIA checks for the 4Cs and then provides a comprehensive evaluation, the customer can check the 4Cs themselves to be personally satisfied as well.

The question now arises…

Why do I need to purchase a GIA certified diamond?

Of course, you could go on to buy an uncertified diamond at a lower price. Here are the benefits that you will not get:

  • Value retention – A diamond whose quality is not attested by a certificate cannot be verified. Thus, it loses its value after being bought once. But a diamond accompanied by GIA certification retains most of its value when getting appraised or resold.
  • Customer gets the true value – When someone buys GIA certified diamonds, they can be confident that they are getting genuine diamonds for the money they are paying.
  • Protect the buyer’s interests – Purchasing a GIA certified diamond ensures that the buyer is not being misled into buying a fake gemstone and paying insanely more for something that isn’t worth it. With certified diamonds comes authenticity and trust.
  • It sets a benchmark – GIA was the one that started the 4C grading system, which is now being adopted by jewelers worldwide. Hence, GIA certification provides a baseline from which gemstones can be graded impartially.

I hope we are now aware of the advantages of buying GIA certified diamonds. And now we come to the part where some helpful suggestion is needed.


Many jewelers are vying for the top spot, to become the best. But that position comes with a responsibility – a responsibility to provide customers with the highest quality diamonds with the best service.

Rogers Jewelry ticks all those boxes. As a reputed establishment since 1944, they offer customers a large assortment of beautiful GIA certified jewelry at affordable prices.

They have a friendly staff that does not charge any unnecessary overheads in the name of discounts. They even offer cash or credit card refunds if the jewelry bought is returned within 30 days in an undamaged condition.

If you are looking to buy a diamond, buy it from an authentic store. Else, you can always go to those shady people, just waiting for you, dying to fleece you of your hard-earned money.

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