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Living in Sacramento: 10 Best Neighborhoods in 2022

Everyone of any importance seems determined to move to California these days, and there is a good reason for this. It boasts a large variety of weather and terrains that make it the ideal place to live for anyone who is an outdoors enthusiast. However, while it’s true that the first thought about California is always for cities like Los Angeles or San Diego, it’s Sacramento that is the underrated contender. 

With its relaxed atmosphere, booming food culture, many wineries and breweries, and an extensive list of things to do, Sacramento proves to be an excellent place to live for people of all ages. More so than anything else, Sacramento is renowned for its high quality of life and affordable living rates. But, of course, homeownership is a big step and not something one can take very early in life. The more searched commodity, therefore, becomes rooms for rent in Sacramento.

One thing to consider is that with the rising concern for the soaring rent prices, it’s a good idea to find roommates in Sacramento who you can share the cost of living with. Like everything else, this city has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s essential to know where you should be looking when contemplating moving to this illustrious city. 

Here’s a list of the ten best neighborhoods in Sacramento:

1. Downtown Sacramento

Downtown Sacramento is arguably the best place for single people because this area doesn’t just offer excellent job opportunities but is extremely travel-friendly. All important places like groceries, drugstores, and more are within walking distance. This part of town has a bustling food market that caters to every possible craving and also has a long list of activities for people looking to explore or have a weekend full of fun.

Downtown Sacramento is the perfect mix between upscale, trendy, and welcoming. With museums, restaurants, and various parks found all over the city that takes care of every possible interest a person may have. The most significant advantage to living here is that it is considered one of the safest neighborhoods in Sacramento. 

2. Davis

Davis is a neighborhood that seems to have been built with the young and enterprising in mind. Students and professionals who have just begun their careers will find this neighborhood incredibly suited to all their needs. Although it doesn’t technically come under Sacramento limits, the 14 miles in between are easy to cover with the convenient two-way public transportation options. 

Because most of the residents in Davis are students who generally can’t afford the very high cost of living, people often try to find roommates in Sacramento that will split the cost of living and make expenditure easier.

Davis also has its very own University of California campus, because of which this area is touted for its competent education departments and – as per the needs of a thriving student population – many coffee shops.

3. El Dorado Hills

This part of Sacramento could belong almost exclusively to outdoor enthusiasts. The sunny, idyllic California weather and plentiful landscaped parks provide people with many opportunities for outdoor hobbies. It also homes many distilleries and breweries. 

The combination of city proximity and green space makes this the place for anyone who wishes to retain some of that rustic, country feel while still being very metropolitan and accessible. Because of these various reasons, people often look towards this area for rooms for rent in Sacramento.

4. Gold River

Gold River is the perfect neighborhood for anyone looking to retire in style and veer away from the boring, stifling stereotype of a quiet, uneventful life. Because it’s just half an hour away from the city, this area is a perfect blend of comfortable and yet happening. This part of Sacramento is loved by its residents for the close, loving, and community feel it has.

5. Folsom

Folsom is a neighborhood that is tailor-made for families. It has a suburban, friendly feel to its vast and clean streets. However, one of the most vital selling points of Folsomthis part of Sacramento is its low crime rate and excellent schooling options. The community sits atop Folsom Lake and the Sacramento River and is thus known for its beautiful scenery. Because of this, outdoor enthusiasts will be pleased residents here, but those who are not can take advantage of its many restaurants and parks.

6. Granite Bay

Granite Bay has become the hub of young people, corporate executives, with or without families. This is another place that drew most of its residents with its exemplary schools and safe community feels. The crowd in Granite Bay tends to lean towards the conservative without being too oppressive. There are plenty of eateries, cafes, and parks to make it family-friendly.

7. Rocklin

Rocklin is an incredibly family-friendly place and a preferred option for parents wishing to avail the very best of schools and a safe and suburban neighborhood. With excellent schools, restaurants, and various after-school activities for children to indulge in, it’s an ideal place to raise a family. The main charm of Rocklin is that it combines all the comforts of metropolitan cities, like recreational activities, business opportunities, and more, with the simplicity and sense of community of small towns.

8. Roseville

Adjacent to Rocklin, Roseville is a neighborhood mostly occupied by families looking for a safe and close-knit community to raise children in without sacrificing the chance of an occasional visit to the nightlife offered by the proximity to the city. This neighborhood was ranked the 8th best place to live in America in 2021, and there is a good reason for this. Because the city operates its services and utilities, the household bills are lowered. As a result, it’s an incredibly livable area.

9. Fair Oaks

This is one of the older towns on our list but lacks nothing with its quaint and rustic feel of chickens roaming around freely. One of the more significant advantages of this area is how remarkably well-rounded it is in terms of the crowd present. People of all ages can be found here. Fair Oaks is a neighborhood that has come to be known for its excellent schools and the success rate of students who pass out of them. A wide range of coffee shops to choose from also adds to the feel of student culture.

10. El Grove

This neighborhood has been consistently known for its excellent schooling systems, bustling markets, and restaurants. Moreover, it boasts plenty of playgrounds and parks, making it another place ideal for raising children. In addition, El Grove is considered one of the safest suburbs of the city because of its educational focus and low crime rates. Another reason for its popularity amongst millennials and new families is the wide range of activities for people to indulge in on the weekends, such as hiking, shopping at local farmer’s markets, and more.


Sacramento is a widely underrated city that often gets lost in the glamor and business associated with places like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and more. This undoubtedly adds to its appeal in terms of the low cost of living and is also why many people now look towards this town not just for ease of expenditure, but also a high quality of living that marries a modern and country feel perfect. But, despite its generally idyllic nature, it’s essential to know the details of an area to ensure it’s suited to your needs, which is what we’ve provided here.