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How to clean dog poop out of carpet

How To Clean Dog Poop Out Of Carpet

Even though picking up after your dog isn’t glamorous, have you considered what happens when you don’t do it? Besides being smelly, unattractive, and messy, pet waste attracts insects and rodents. Additionally, it poses a health risk to humans and other animals, and it adversely affects the things around you badly. There is a misconception that dog waste can carry bacteria and parasites capable of making humans sick.

Sometimes it happens that your dog poops in your home, maybe on the floor or on the carpet and it becomes difficult for you to clean it off. If you hire a professional pooper scooper service provider, in addition to being convenient, they reduce the negative environmental effects of animal waste.

Let’s take a deep dive to understand the ways to clean out dog poop from carpet!

8 Easy & Effective Tips To Get The Poop Stains Out

Step 1: Do not let the stain sit for too long.

Do not remain the poop for a long time otherwise, it will smell bad and be harder to get out the stain. If we retain the stain too long the cell wall may be broken or destroyed. Scoop the poop instantly as much. Always apply the cleaning product for the smell and stain. Blot the area with the towel or tissue paper where the poop was and do not scrub.

We should always remember that you should keep the stain away from heat like hot water or a lamp. Avoid pressing the stain with a towel or paper and also avoid scrubbing the affected area.

Step 2: Wear protective gloves.

While scooping the poop, always wear your gloves. We should avoid touching the poop with our hands, make sure the gloves are tight and do not slip the poop from our gloves.

As we all know poops are unhygienic for human beings and pets as well as for the environment also. As improper cleaning of the dog poop is very dangerous for your kids and the dogs as well as the people surrounding the affected area. Parasites are present in dogs’ poop which can cause the illness. 

I suggest rubber gloves are the best while picking up the poop because if we use plastic gloves it is risky or the poop will get a slip from your hand or you can pick it up with the piece of cardboard. If you use the piece of cardboard, go slowly and put it into the bag and throw it in the bin.

You always remember to not throw the poop anywhere because it harms the environment also. Basically pet wastes do not decompose in the environment even if it causes harmful bacteria into the waters and that will surely affect human beings as well as the animals and also causes the source of pollution.

 Step 3: Can we clean the poop with a baby wipe or a cloth?

Cleaning poop with a baby wipe is not compulsory; you can use a thick wipe or paper towel. Removing the poop with a baby wipe is a question of whether or not to remove it with a baby wipe. You can scrape off with a cloth, wipe, or paper towel also if possible you can pinch the carpet fibres to pick up as much of the poop. 

Through this technique you can pick up almost all the poop from the carpet now then only the stains will remain. To remove the stain you should use some cleaning product. Spray or pour some of the solutions which we have prepared, let it sit for 10-15 min and then blot it with a towel or paper but do not rub or scrub you have to always remember this. Do not panic if the stain will not disappear immediately. If it is not eliminated immediately you can spray or pour the solution and let it be for the whole night and the next morning blot it on a towel or paper.

It is not mandatory that you should blot or clean the stain with a baby wipe, you can also use the towel as well as paper. After the stain disappears, Raise it with cold water into the affected area and clean or blot it with a towel or clean paper if any particles or cleaning products are left. It is not necessary that you have to use a baby wipe as previously I said you can use a towel and paper also. After cleaning it, sparkle some baking soda over the affected area, and after that, you can vacuum your carpet also.

Step 4: Prepare your DIY cleaning solution

For preparing a DIY cleaning solution you have to combine these following in a bowl.

  1. Take 2 cups of cool water into the bowl.
  2. Take 1 tablespoon of non-bleach dish soap.
  3. 1 tablespoon white vinegar.

You should be sure your dish soap doesn’t contain bleach because if it contains bleach then it reacts with acid like vinegar. Bleach can be used on any chemical product that is used to get rid of the stains. Mostly Sodium hypochlorite is used as a cleaner but it can damage our skin.

Sodium hypochlorite is made up of oxygen, sodium, and chloride atoms. When the molecule is mixed with the acetic acid in vinegar or other acids, it releases chlorine gas. As we know it is very dangerous to human beings and animals too. Germany used it during World War 1st as a chemical weapon. You always need to be careful while mixing with bleach and it also reacts with ammonia to create chlorine gas.

Many of the household cleaners contain a chemical called limonene that gives them a citrus smell.

Is it safe to mix bleach and vinegar in a small amount?

As we know bleach is a chemical that is used for cleaning the stain. Mixing bleach and vinegar in a small amount is safe but you have to use hand gloves while mixing and using them because it can reflect and damage your skin. Always remember to wear hand gloves and keep away your kid and the dog from the affected area while cleaning the stain. 

Step 5: Spray, blot, repeat.

Pour or spray the little amount of solution in the stain and let it be for 10-15 minutes. But don’t worry it will not disappear immediately, it will take time. Do not rub if it did not disappear. Put or spray some more solution on the area. It will remove all the stains including cat/dog urine, dog faeces, and the always-popular dirty or greasy paw prints. Always remember that while cleaning it with a cleaning product – No rubbing, Only Blotting.

If it will not disappear immediately then you do not be panic, you can again spray or pour the cleaning product which we have prepared on the carpet (affected area) and remain it for the whole night and the next morning you can put some cold water and soak it with a towel or paper on it and then hanger it outside for dry or you can vacuum it for your satisfaction.

Step 6: Rinse.

After spraying the cleaning product let it soak in for up to 10 minutes and after the stain has gone, put some cold water into the area, and then with the help of white paper towels or cloth blot the water from the treated area to remove any of the particles left over the carpet. After that, you can put it outside to dry or you can vacuum it.

Step 7: Deodorize.

First of all, open the windows and doors to allow the air to the room. If you don’t want to buy such products which are useful for removing the smells, you can use baking soda that is easily available in our home. Sprinkle the baking soda over the previously stained area to get rid of any bad smell or any lingering odour. Remain for 10-15 minutes. If the stain will not disappear immediately from the affected area so don’t be panicked, remain it over the night to ensure the smell is completely gone.

Many people use the open box of baking soda in the refrigerator to absorb all the bad smells and also people use it in the garbage simply they put it in the top of the bin, which absorbs all the bad smells and unwanted odours or you can sprinkle some baking soda into the poop bags it will absorb all the bad smell and then you can throw it which will not harmful for the environment as well as a human being also.

Step 8: Vacuum your carpet.

After applying the baking soda which has absorbed the poop’s nefarious aromas. After that, you can spray or pour some cold water on the affected area.  As many people will hang up the carpet or mattress outdoors to dry it or many people vacuum it up for their ease. So you can also put it outside to dry or you can vacuum it easily and it will get dry and stain-free quickly.

A special note while cleaning the dog poop from the woollen carpets

If you have woollen carpets, they will be slightly damaged.

  1. Firstly remove the solid bits or the poop out of the carpet.
  2. Spray or pour the cleaning product which we have made with non-bleach dish soap, white vinegar, and cool water into the affected area.
  3. After that with the help of a paper towel or cloth soak the affected area. Remind it – Do not rub, blot, or only soak.
  4. Especially for the woollen carpet, Buy a stain remover that is “Safe for wool” and use it.
  5. Put the clean white cloth down on the affected area and stand on it, or otherwise apply pressure to soak up the final bit of liquid or the smaller particles of the poop which remains in the woollen carpet.
  6. Now you can use the baking powder and open all the windows and doors to allow air into the room, at last, you can put the cold water and hang it outside to dry or you can vacuum it with a light hand.

Does baking soda remove poop stains?

Baking Soda is one of the best things to remove a dog’s poop stains. Baking soda contains moisture-absorbing starch which helps to remove the stain properly and clearly. Baking soda is an environmentally friendly and natural alternative to moisture-absorbers, stain remover, and absorbs unpleasant scents on the market. As in every home, there is a baking soda, which is present easily that is not a big deal to find it so you can easily put the baking soda into the affected area and after 10-15 min you can put some cold water and absorb it with paper or towel which it can also absorb the remaining poop particles from the carpet which will satisfy you.

Wrapping up! Cleaning up dog poop is important to keep yourself healthy, and the environment safe. And the best way to keep your all things in check is by hiring the best poop scoopers in your town. Hope you find these tips helpful. 

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