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Reckless Driving

The Risks of Reckless Driving

Reckless driving is considered different from negligence under the law. Imprisonment and other serious consequences may befall anyone found responsible for it. Many major cities contain multiple tourist locations that connect to highways. This leads to cases of aggressive driving on the roads. You may file a claim if you are a victim of reckless driving. Since you’ll need to prove that another person is at fault, the lawsuit process may become complex. For more information on how to get a car accident lawyer, you can read more here.

The risk factors involved in reckless driving include:

Hazardous Weather Conditions

It is important to be cautious while driving during harsh weather conditions. Tropical storms and thunderstorms frequent the city of Tampa during certain times of the year. Risks of accidents because of reckless driving are prominent in rainy seasons. A driver driving through a storm is less likely to slow down. Rain often makes roads slippery and makes cars slide easily on the wet concrete. Harsh weather makes reckless motorists less likely to notice road signs.

Consumption Of Alcohol

Impaired driving is another risk factor. A city like Tampa is home to thousands of people and, because of the population, crashes are more likely to occur by reckless drivers. Alcohol consumption can cause mood changes in motorists, making them frustrated or angry, which causes them to drive recklessly.

Lack Of Experience

Drivers between the ages of 16 to 17 are the age group that has a higher risk of crashes than older motorists. The first few months following a new license are where chances for crashes specifically increase.

Penalties For Reckless Driving

You can get more than a ticket if you drive recklessly. The penalties for reckless driving depend on where a person resides. The penalties someone from Tampa could face if caught with a reckless driving offense is a second-degree misdemeanor if it is their first offense with no injuries or property damage. A 500$ fine and six months in prison are also penalties for reckless driving. A maximum of six months in prison and 1,000$ in fines could see repeat violators facing these penalties. Driver’s license suspension is also another common penalty for reckless driving.

Losses that come from reckless driving include:

Property Damage

Consequences that victims of reckless driving face are many. Paying for the costs of replacing damaged property and repairing it is among the consequences, along with paying thousands of dollars to fix your car.

Physical Injuries

Many victims end up having to spend money to cater for their medical bills. It is highly advised to go seek medical services even if you’re not visibly hurt. This may in turn lead to the victim paying for the bill accrued from the doctor’s visit. Other expenses that could come from a doctor’s visit are costs of surgery and other medical procedures.

Loss Of Income

Medical treatment and the cost of repairs drain your monetary funds significantly. Injuries from a car accident can make you be placed on mandatory bed rest. This means that you’ll be unable to work for many days. Having a lawyer could be an advantage, as they will help you get compensation for the damage caused to you.

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