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5 Benefits of Relying on Temp Staffing Agency in Chicago

In this modern world, companies are turning towards staffing agencies to handle the benefits associated with the candidates they recruit. These benefits are worker’s compensation, taxes, unemployment, payroll, and many other benefits. Along with that, they get to lessen the overhead cost for the employers.

Staffing agencies can match, find and screen all the job seekers with employers every day. They also have the power to fill out jobs within several days or hours. When you work closely with the temp agencies Chicago, it will ensure that the workers carry proper skills, which are required to meet all your needs.

The Benefits of Opting for Staffing Agencies

The temporary staffing agencies are in high demand these days. This is pretty true because about 3.1 million individuals work in the staffing industry. Out of these people, 37% are contract workers, and 67% are temporary workers. So, when you opt for the services of a temporary staffing agency, you will receive the following benefits.

1. Recruiting From Passive and Active Talent Marketplace

These staffing agencies recruit employees from both the passive and active marketplaces. Doing so helps them increase the quality of all the new recruits. Passive candidates are said to represent around 85% of the individuals who are currently employed and gained success in their respective jobs are not actively looking for new work.

The main reason to rely on the staffing agency is that they can look for talents in their client’s competitor and bring in all the best candidates. This is one of the primary reasons companies want to pay up the recruiting fees. Recruiting firms carry massive databases of all the candidates. It can help them find all the best talents quickly and effectively.

Since they interact with all the candidates regularly, the database of resumes transforms into their recruiting tool. The actual benefit of this particular database is to help them find candidates in a short time. This means they don’t have to post on job sites and wait for all the right individuals to apply.

2. Temporary Staffing Agencies Provides Guarantees

When a candidate leaves a job in 90 days, the staffing agency will replace that candidate with another one. These agencies know how to look for candidates who are an excellent fit for culture and skills. So, the chances of a candidate leaving their job will be pretty low.

3. Staffing Agencies Get Compensated

The staff agencies will get compensated based on their placements and performance, not activity. The HR employees get a base salary along with bonuses for their performance. Most recruiters are paid on commission, which enables these recruiters to go the extra mile to look for some of the best people. They also get incentivized when they ensure that these candidates will stay with their clients.

4. Improves the Productivity

All the HR employees keep their focus on looking for new candidates, setting up benefits, payrolls, interviews, and various other administrative duties. HR duties also include making the paystub for the employee’s compensation and making sure that they are getting paid. All the recruiting companies can save time by taking up work based on vetting and qualifying candidates. This is pretty much true for targeting all the passive recruits.

Why is that? Well, mainly because these candidates work full-time. Finding an excellent way to get in touch with them is something the recruiters can do efficiently compared with the company’s HR team. Even with the cost of contingency fees, the time that they get to save by utilizing a recruiting firm will be worth a lot more when the company does the work by itself.

5. Increases the Flexibility

When a company is opening up new divisions and proliferating, it will add a lot more staff pretty quickly. They will do so by taking help from the temporary staff agencies. If they used the internal HR team, they might have to hire extra HR experts and then wait so that they can find all the best and right employees.

But this whole process can take many months, and the company might end up wasting too much time. That’s why taking the help of a staffing agency will help immensely. When the company wants to scale down or up, they can easily get it done without having the overhead of a whole HR team. They will instantly get fresh and skilled candidates with no problems or issues.

Staffing Services Offered by Staffing Agencies

The staffing agencies provided many services to their clients/customers. Here are some of the services.

1. Contract Staffing Services

Also known as Temporary Staffing, an employer uses a staffing agency to offer a candidate for completing a short assignment between a month and a year at an hourly billing rate. The staffing agency takes the responsibility to cover the cost associated with the contract personnel. The staff agencies also administer year-end W2s and will also offer paid vision insurance benefits/holidays/dental/health, annual bonus checks, and a 401k plan.

2. Contract-to-Hire Staffing Services

Under this particular agreement, the staffing agency and the employer agree to the terms on a predetermined length of the employment.

They do so before an employer can make a full-time offer to the candidate. When the contract period is completed, the employer will get many options. Either the employer can end the contract with the candidate or bring the candidate under their payroll as a full-time employee.

When a company works with a staffing agency, they will get the chance to evaluate the work habits and skills of the candidate. It will also allow the company to check whether or not the candidate perfectly fits into their working environment and culture right before they get to make a direct offer to them.

Ending Note

Staffing agencies work hard to help their clients grow by providing them with the perfect blend of temp and staffing services under the talent acquisition category. They make sure that their clients get to find the best talent for temp to perm, contract, and permanent placement possibilities. Taking up their services and solutions will surely help a company significantly.