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P25 IP Relay

Discover the Benefits of a P25 IP Relay

If you utilize P25 radios, a P25 IP relay, like Skymira’s, can help you achieve greater coverage, safety, and p25 interoperability. In this post, we’ll explore how a P25 IP relay enables transmitting P25 audio, GPS location, and alerts over IP networks for expanded capabilities.

Eliminate Coverage Gaps

A P25 IP relay creates a portable P25 radio network that ensures your team has secure communications everywhere. By transmitting P25 signals over IP, it fills in dead zones, provides remote coverage, and remains independent of infrastructure outages. Going beyond the limitations of traditional P25 networks, you can set up P25 communications on the go anywhere your operations take you.

Whether you need to cover a remote work site, fill holes in urban infrastructure, or maintain communications through outages, the portable P25 network has you covered. This reduces communications-based safety hazards and increases operational efficiency.

Increase Safety

Skymira’s P25 IP relay ensures all personnel are safe and accounted for with reliable GPS location tracking and emergency alert transmission over IP networks. By leveraging these capabilities, safety-conscious employers can significantly increase worker safety and accountability in the field.

Knowing the real-time location and status of every worker allows for the rapid dispatch of aid when needed. Never again wonder if a distressed call was real or where personnel are when an emergency strikes. This transforms P25 into a true safety lifeline.

Achieve Interoperability

The vendor-agnostic design of Skymira’s P25 IP relay supports seamless interoperability between all P25 radio manufacturers. This allows for establishing cross-device and cross-agency communications without compromising security. Finally, achieve true unified communications between devices and teams. Fractured, incompatible systems are a thing of the past with interoperable P25 connectivity.

Control System Life Cycle

A P25 IP relay gives you full control over choosing equipment and networks best suited to your needs. This provides an alternative path forward that’s not dependent on external requirements or oversight. You regain control over meeting operational and budget needs on your terms.

Optimized for Any IP Network

Skymira’s P25 IP relay optimizes for low bandwidth usage, making even satellite networks practical. But it can leverage any IP network including LTE, FirstNet, fiber, or other private and public internet networks. This makes your P25 capabilities highly portable and adaptable to any environment.

Rugged and Portable

The portable P25 IP relay comes in a rugged Pelican case designed to survive tough conditions. Mil-spec connectors and compact packaging make it highly durable and portable for use anywhere it’s needed, no matter how demanding the environment. Set up a pop-up P25 network at any work site or transport it wherever your team goes. The relay is built to withstand real-world use.

Remote Management

Configure, monitor, and control your portable P25 network remotely through the cloud-based management dashboard. Manage radios, monitor usage, update configurations, and restart the system without hands-on access. This robust remote management functionality allows full control and oversight from anywhere.

Vendor Agnostic

The P25 IP relay seamlessly works with P25 radios from all the major manufacturers including Motorola, Kenwood, Harris, EF Johnson, and many others. This vendor-neutral design finally enables true interoperability between the various radio brands.

All Data Transmitted

Cutting-edge technology transparently transmits all P25 audio, GPS location, subscriber ID, emergency alerts, and other data over IP networks. There is absolutely no loss or compromise of data – everything is reliably transmitted for full functionality.

Highly Secure

The P25 IP relay is FIPS 140-2 level 1 validated for strong cryptography and end-to-end data security. Military-grade 256-bit AES encryption protects all sensitive P25 communications and data.

For P25 radio users requiring greater coverage, safety, and seamless interoperability, a P25 IP relay unlocks new potential. With reliable P25 connectivity over IP, gaps in infrastructure no longer limit your capabilities. A solution, like Skymira’s p25 radio network, takes your P25 communications to the next level with robustness, portability, and control.