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How Armored Trucks Enhance the Safety of Cannabis Transportation

As cannabis becomes legal in more states, businesses must find ways to transport their products safely. This can be difficult for some cultivators, distributors and manufacturers due to common threats such as distracted driving and robbery.

A security-focused company, Plymouth Armor Group, is helping to enhance the safety of this industry with its secure vehicles and METRC-compliant practices. Read on to learn more about their products and how they can help your business.

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With legal marijuana on the rise, security features in cannabis armored truck service are enhancing the safety of cannabis transportation. Armored trucks are built to resist a variety of threats, including weaponry.

The ceiling, floor and doors are made of stainless steel, a dense, heavy material that can resist damage from corrosion and rust. The windows and windshield are bullet-proof, using a mixture of glass and hard plastics.

To ensure a high level of protection, the roof and flooring are reinforced with a quarter-inch rigid Kevlar. These additions can protect the car from the simultaneous explosion of two DM-51 German ordinance hand grenades.

Aside from protecting their crew members, secure transport vans are an excellent way for cannabis companies to meet regulations and procedures. Depending on your budget and the size of your fleet, you can add organizational features, temperature control, GPS tracking, and more to your vans.


With legal cannabis sales on the rise, transportation risks are high. From hundreds of pounds of product to six-figure cash shipments, cannabis distributors face a unique set of operational challenges that can result in losses and damage, as well as regulatory actions and extortion demands.

Fortunately, armored trucks are enhancing the safety of cannabis transportation. These vehicles are designed with heightened security features to protect the cannabis and cash transported and can be outfitted for additional armoring upgrades.

Insurance is a crucial component of any cannabis transportation business, as it can protect against financial loss or damage to equipment, premises and third-party claims. General liability insurance is precious because it can cover bodily injury, property damage, and associated legal fees if a claim is filed against your business.

Insurers offering cannabis-specific policies are increasing, and many CRB owners are finding coverage through word-of-mouth recommendations from the cannabis community. However, it is essential to review all business operations and coverages regularly to ensure they are adequately covered.


Armored trucks offer a wide range of features and functions to enhance the safety of cannabis transportation. They include heightened security, climate control, locking compartments, and GPS tracking.

The cannabis industry deals primarily in cash, making it a robbery target. This is why many cannabis dispensaries and distributors use armored vehicles to transport large sums of money.

One armored truck company, Hardcar, has a system that transfers cash from the van to a private vault service “close to a mini Fort Knox,” where it is locked up and not accessible to anyone.

The firm claims to have $2 million in cargo insurance and coverage in the event of a robbery. Its agents undergo extensive training and follow strict protocols.


Cannabis companies are facing a multitude of transportation and supply-related staffing challenges. The rise of medical and recreational cannabis is putting a strain on employers’ ability to hire teams with experience in the industry.

For cannabis transport businesses, this is a critical time to adopt intelligent staffing solutions that can help them keep up with demand. Providing a solid base wage with health benefits, highlighting internal support systems like loyalty bonuses and making it clear to job candidates that they’re working for a company that cares about them will be vital in helping employees stay.

They are designed to be more challenging than regular trucks and can withstand any thief or criminal trying to break into the vehicle.