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The Main Purpose of Qualtrics

The Main Purpose of Qualtrics

If you’re new to online survey software, you may wonder what the Main Purpose of Qualtrics is. While it has many features, Qualtrics is primarily used for surveys. You can create and distribute surveys in multiple languages, but the company doesn’t support default translations. It also has limited integrations with other platforms and requires paying for an upgrade for the most common platforms.

Survey creation

While the main purpose of Qualtrics is survey creation, the software is so flexible that it can be used for many other purposes as well. So whether you’re surveying a business or a research organization, there’s no need to be a technical genius to use the tool. Its API supports dozens of mainstream programming languages, and it’s easy to customize a survey to suit your needs.

With Qualtrics’ AI built right into the platform, you can easily automate survey creation and get insights from your data. Expert Review is an automated feedback system that offers proactive suggestions on how to improve your surveys and flags potential problems like data protection and personally identifiable information. Qualtrics’ AI also helps automate data analysis, suggests next steps, and makes predictions based on survey data. While the software is unsuitable for every business, it does help large organizations conduct market research and customer satisfaction surveys.

Survey distribution

One of the main purposes of Qualtrics is survey distribution. The platform provides a variety of distribution channels, including email, QR codes, and social media sites. Users can choose which channel they wish to distribute the survey when first entering the Distributions module. Once they’ve determined one or more distribution methods, they can then distribute the survey to a wide range of contacts. However, some considerations need to be kept in mind when using Qualtrics.

First, it’s important to consider the perceived burden of the survey. In some instances, respondents might feel uncomfortable participating in a survey. Therefore, the overall experience should be pleasant and unobtrusive.


The main purpose of Qualtrics is to give you actionable reports. You can view the report from any page on your Qualtrics account, including your questions and custom pages. You can even filter the results to see only certain responses. Qualtrics allows you to filter all report pages, including question answers, survey metadata, and embedded data. You can then view the results of a survey and make changes or delete the responses you want to keep.

Qualtrics is a leading enterprise research platform. It’s used by nearly 8,500 companies and 99 of the top business schools. With its powerful algorithms, Qualtrics enables you to analyze the data in a few minutes and produce predictive models without using Excel. The platform guides you to the statistical relationships with the most power, compiles your results in a layman’s language, and makes them easy to understand.

Text analytics

There are many benefits to using text analytics to understand your customers. It can help pinpoint the specific issues that need improvement and uncover previously undiscovered themes. The power of text analytics lies in its ability to analyze both structured and unstructured data to provide actionable insight. For example, it can uncover correlations between customer satisfaction and the knowledge of a company’s staff. This information can help you craft cost-effective improvements and improve customer experience.

Another key feature of Qualtrics’ text analytics is natural language processing algorithms. This technology helps analyze textual data to identify parts of speech, express ideas, and self-correct. The software can also analyze a single text response to understand the sentiment. The software can even identify key phrases and score their meaning with an 11-point scale. It also uses text analysis to help companies understand the impact of celebrity scandals and respond to controversial viewpoints.