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America’s Most Favorite Comedy Central Shows

America’s Most Favorite Comedy Central Shows, IMDb Rated

In 1989, Comedy Central was initially started as a project by Time-Life to build a cable television channel that should solely air comedy. How great the idea was from the owners of HBO!? The channel hit a huge success in the early 90s’ and now it is one of the most loved channels for people who watch cable TV.

Since the advent of Netflix and Amazon Prime in the modern world, cable TV is slowly dying. But nothing can replace those American game nights on cable TV with friends and family. And if you are looking to get the good times back, we do have just the right thing for you.

Xtream Mediacom cable network offers HD channels at a reasonable price. Moreover, Mediacom Channel Lineup offers Comedy Central along with other in-demand channels like ESPN, BBC World News, and more. With a cherry on top, you can watch them on the go with Xtream TV App.

The shows like South Park and Nathan for You made Comedy Central one of the most-watched channels in the US. After the huge popularity of the channel, more shows started to appear on the screen. Now we have a huge listicle of shows, some of them are fantastic, and the others? Nah. Not so much.

In this article, we are going to provide you with the most loved shows on Comedy Central along with their ratings on IMDb.

What is IMDb? IMDb is an online massive database for movies, TV shows, seasons, podcasts, and more. You can find the viewers’ feedback for a specific piece of content, lists of shows for a genre of movies, their cast, and almost everything.

Without further ado, join us, and let’s explore the best Comedy Central shows.

Nathan for You – IMDb Rating: 8.8

Aired for the first time in 2017, Nathan for You is the highest-rated show by IMDb on Comedy Central.

The story revolves around a guy named Nathan who helps struggling small and mid-sized businesses thrive using his unorthodox methods. His way of doing things is jeopardous but the clients who already are pushing their shoves give the green light to Nathan.

The ideas somehow work and reward the businesses. You might be thinking ‘How is this funny?’. It’s actually funny by virtue of the delivery of the ideas by Nathan and literally the ideas themselves. They are hilarious and often roam around the boundary of being legal and illegal.

South Park – IMDb Rating: 8.7

We as adults love the South Park. And why shouldn’t we?

Trey and Matt have done a great deal of work to bring the twenty-four-season adult cartoons. The show reflects a bunch of people in South Park, a small town in Colorado. From a simple situation, they extract comedy and hilarious one-liner jokes.

The show became so popular that it won five Emmys and a movie was most wanted among the fans. It was produced and released with the name South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.

South Park is bold enough so it’s only rated for adults. From its debut in 1997 till to the date, it has been famous and trending every now and then.

Chappelle’s Show – IMDb Rating: 8.7

A show that raised many eyebrows because of the sensitivity of the topic the show addressed.

The show is a comedy sketch by colored comedian Dave Chappelle. The comedy in the shows revolves around racial slurs and jokes that might sound off to you but the way Chappelle delivers them is chucklesome. He keeps it light and they are tons of relatable.

Dave wanted to end the show after two seasons but seeing the popularity Comedy Central asked for more. Eventually, some of the footage was released after a wait of more than 365 days.

Futurama – IMDb Rating: 8.4

Matt Groening created and set the screen for adult cartoons in 1999.

You might have heard of Matt as the creator of the cartoon Simpsons which was a hit as well. But that didn’t stop Groening and he created an interesting storyline around a Pizza-boy protagonist who’s sent to the year 2999 after being frozen in 1999.

The boy is overwhelmed to see the change in how society used to work. But anyway, he adapts to the abrupt flip of the times.

Futurama received multiple nominations and is termed as one of the best cartoon shows on Comedy Central.

The Daily Show – IMDb Rating: 8.4

Now hosted by comedian Trevor Noah, the massive show of Comedy Central is based on finding wittiness in real-life incidents happening around the States.

Formerly it was hosted by the legend of the show Jon Stewart who worked there for 21 years and then planned to retire for peace’s sake and to skip the fuss that was happening around the country.

Jon won multiple awards for the show, numerous Peabody Awards, and a big list of Primetime Emmys. The show was for adults and aired in the late night.

The Daily Show provided a platform for kickstarting the comedy careers of John Oliver, Samantha Bee, and more. It still is one of the most liked shows that is based on real life.