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Chef Big Shake

Shark Tank Updates: Chef Big Shake

If you go to any restaurant or store these days, you’ll find a plethora of spin-off variations of conventional beef burgers. Veggie burgers, lamb burgers, turkey burgers, and more options are available. The Shrimp Burger, created by Shawn Davis, popularly known as Chef Big Shake, is maybe the most unusual burger you’ll come across.

The narrative opens with Davis’s daughter coming home from school determined to never eat meat again. She had seen several movies at school that depicted some of the meat industry’s practices. The events in the slaughterhouses drove her to take a stance and vow to never eat meat again. Even though his ten-year-old daughter wasn’t going to be eating meat or chicken anymore, Shawn still wanted her to obtain adequate protein and minerals from her diet.

Even though his daughter abhorred most sorts of meat, she considered shellfish to be ethical. Davis took advantage of the situation and began preparing burger patties with shrimp, vegetables, and spice. His wife and daughter became immediate admirers, persuading him to produce a batch for a party they were attending. When they arrived at the party and Shawn placed his tray of shrimp burgers on the table, they were quickly devoured. People were praising Shawn for his work even more than that. Mrs Davis had no choice but to accept this proof and persuade Shawn to begin marketing his innovation.

Davis conducted most of the job alone at first, with occasional assistance from relatives. He tried to sell his product to restaurants, but he had little success. He didn’t have any success at the grocery.

It was back in the early days of Shark Tank, and Shawn’s pal had seen the programme before. He submitted Shawn for the show after filling out all of the paperwork. He was admitted a few months later. Because he had been doing it for a long time, he understood just how to sell the goods.

On Shark Tank, Chef Big Shake

Season 2 Episode 1 Of Shark Tank

Shawn Davis wore an all-black chef’s suit as he entered the Shark Tank. When you first meet him, you’ll understand why he’s known as Chef Big Shake. He’s a big guy with a lot of charisma and charm. He’s a really likeable man, and you can see right away that the Sharks like him as a person.

Shawn has his items set out beside him, including four different varieties of shrimp burgers. He offers each Shark a taste, and they all agree that the burgers are great. Everyone except Barbara, who dislikes shrimp for some reason.

Chef Big Shake was hoping to secure a $200,000 investment in his business in return for a 25% stake in the company after his presence on the programme. Given what some individuals are looking for when they go on the programme, this is a realistic request.

Chef Big Shake

Overall, his pitch seemed to be going well. The Sharks liked his goods, and they appeared to like Shawn’s presence just as much as he liked his offering. He has a personality that is difficult to dislike. At least a few Sharks have shown an interest in assisting him.

Unfortunately for Shawn, he was on the programme at a time when none of the Sharks had a food industry network that could help Chef Big Shake in the manner he required. It doesn’t make any of the Sharks pleased, either. Barbara even admits that she is inclined to make an offer solely to aid Shawn, but she emphasises that she would be unable to assist his product.

Daymond and Mark Cuban are Shawn’s best bets. Each of them presents Shawn with the same problem: they lack the contacts required to get his goods into shops throughout the nation. Each of them shares their enthusiasm for his offering. Daymond and Mark both inform Shawn that they would be happy to be frequent customers, but not so much as investors. Shawn’s presentation is ultimately rejected by all of the Sharks, and he departs without a contract.

After Shark Tank, There’s Life

Chef Big Shake

Chef Big Shake may have departed the Shark Tank without a contract, but it would be a mistake to assume that his company was unaffected by his presence on the programme. Shawn’s company took off after the show aired, and a slew of investors approached him, ready to strike a deal. Shawn obtained a contract in the form of a $500,000 investment for 30% stock in his firm shortly after the show aired. This was a much better situation than what he had hoped for from the Sharks.

Shawn Davis and his firm CBS foods are still considered one of Shark Tank’s best hits. In a televised appearance, Mark Cuban said that one of his greatest regrets was not investing in Shawn’s firm.

Shawn’s product had generated $30,000 in sales in its first year when he came on the episode. Sales had risen to an incredible $5 million by the end of the following year! One of the contributing factors might be the price tag. The burgers are pricey, but they are of excellent quality and are quite healthful. Big Shake’s debut on the programme was undoubtedly one of the most important elements in his success.

Chef Big Shake

Shawn Davis has claimed that he still communicates with a few Sharks, namely Mark and Daymond. Each of them demonstrated that what they stated during his presence on the programme was true. Each has become a client, with Daymond placing an order for a large supply for a big party he was organising. Shawn says Daymond has been a tremendous mentor to him and has provided him assistance along the road.

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