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3 Ways Technology Has Improved Time Management Skills

Time is precious, so be wise to use it. If someone asks me what the most valuable thing is, I would say to myself it’s “time.”

It is said that lost time is never found.

We all have the same hours in a day, but we behave differently in those 24 hours. The minutes and seconds we are surviving are just air wind. No matter what, we struggle to bring back the lost time. We can’t. Acutely nobody can do it; at least no human can do this.

Technology has made time management effortless. Some tech tools help manage time. Tools like calendars, time tracker, and note-taking software are technologies that contribute to saving our time.

Some of us spend our hours watching Netflix. Others stay busy sleeping, gaming, walking, eating, and repeating the same cycle day and night. Everybody has different plans to spend their time. However, we forget other vital tasks and aims of our life in procrastination and other bad habits.

Using your time with proper planning is an art that everyone should learn.  Many times we forget the blessing of time we have, and we spend it on useless things which genuinely do not play even 1% importance in our lives.

We can witness people who know the significance of time, and they always use it in positive, productive ways like planting, teaching, earning, exercising, and helping others. Many people lack an understanding of time management. But they want to get out a way to manage their time. Time management is crucial to keep all work done in an adequately given schedule.

Importance of time management

The right time for the right task!

Time management helps you complete your essential task at the right time or firsthand and then all others. If you are a professional who finds it challenging to accomplish tasks on time, divide your time into parts for various functions to get enough time for each of your tasks. 

Benefits of time management:

  • Time management is crucial to living a peaceful and stable life. The already-planned to-do list makes everything clear regarding whole day secludes. Time management eliminates the fear of missing important meetings or tasks. 
  • With proper time management, you can make your personal and working relationships strong by focusing correctly on each side.
  • Time management increases an individual’s productivity as it improves focus on one thing at a time.
  • The free time from your work can be utilized with family and friends, which stables your emotional health.
  • Time management gives you mental peace. You can save enough time to get proper sleep. Sleep is necessary to keep our bodies functioning correctly.
  • It increases your productivity. When you are mentally healthy, you do your work with great interest; hence productivity in each project rises.

 Ways to manage your time

Technology has played its role in every area of life, enabling us to manage our time. 

Technology is outstanding at managing our working schedule. Several applications help you in time management. With the evolution of technology, emerging tech apps made life easier

Let’s get into three ways that help us to polish our time management skills. 

You can also improve your time management skills by using these methods, which are discussed below.

Schedule your activities with Google Calendar:

Let’s suppose you have to complete your office assignment and you have to give time to your family, and you have sudden friends to meet up with. In such a burden and stressful situation, you don’t need to panic but plan time for each task. 

Plan your activities with the Google Calendar app. You can schedule your daily activities on Google Calendar with proper timings. 

The Google Calendar is designed to remind you of the upcoming task or event. Therefore you can manage your ongoing activities to start working on an upcoming job. In this way, it recoups your energy and time. Another benefit of using Google Calendar is it allows you to share your schedule with anyone, including your family members or colleagues.

Boundary setting with Social Fever app:

NO doubt technology is improving our time management skills. Yet we are getting addicted to social media. Social media addiction is the core reason affecting our schedule and productivity. 

 Sometimes we spend hours on unnecessary websites. Somehow we are aware of our useless acts, but we fail to manage all this. We scroll through friends’ Facebook accounts and spend hours reading public comments on social media posts. These activities are time-sucking. We gain nothing on a few social sites but waste our time. So we have to exclude or block websites that distract us from important tasks.

The social fever app is a great app that assists users in tracking their social media and smartphone usage.  Set your device usage goals and follow the time you spent using different internet apps, including Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, truecaller, and others. Beside this, it shows the summary of screen time and displays the number of times you unlocked your phone.

Other Emerging Tech Tools:

Technology has made time managing smooth and straightforward without juggling paper calendars or human assistance. Use emerging tech tools in every area of your life to save time. Apps like Remember the Milk are an advanced version of a to-do list with a reminders system.

Toggle is an exciting, valuable app for billing your clients according to their working hours. It also shows time spent working on a project. Another fantastic app is Asana; it is an excellent tool for project management. Another life rescue tool—Paystub maker, a tool that creates paycheck stubs. It calculates accurate information and gives proof of payments for both employees and employers.

 Last lines:

The list of these tools is never-ending; with each passing day, newer tech tools are being developed and introduced. Other than these tools, you can find hundreds of different tools that are crucial in managing your time effectively. These tools provide simple ways to manage time skillfully.

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