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Google Ad Hacks

Best Google Ad Hacks To Improve Lead Quality

If you are planning to take your business online, you probably know that businesses need to make their online presence for which they run ads and use digital marketing services to reach out to their potential clients.

Businesses use several ad formats like display ads, video ads, app ads, push ads, remarketing ads, etc. These ads prove to be very effective in pulling traffic to their products and services.

This traffic ultimately determines the conversion rates and final sales.

As this is an easy and equally flexible marketing method, more and more businesses are trying to get online.

This is why it becomes very important to learn some basic ad hacks that will help you outshine other businesses.

What Are Google Ads

Google Ads is an online advertising technique developed by Google, where advertisers can target websites of interest, remarket to specific audiences, run ads on different apps, and create video ads that play before or during other relevant videos. Online display advertising services are one of the most effective techniques of advertising.

The bidding method is used to display brief advertisements, offer services, and list products.

Google ads work with a pay-per-click(PPC) module and help search ads appear on google search differentiating from app ads that can be published on other online platforms.

Performance marketers focus on specific keywords to make the bids compete with other targeted keywords. A bid is the maximum one is willing to pay for a particular ad.

What Do You Mean By Qualified Leads?

A qualified lead is not a technical term, but it merely means the user who can be effectively converted into a prospective customer in the future. This requires well-planned and strategized data as per the needs of a business.

Qualified leads are the ones that are considered to have the potential and will to engage with your product. The user eagerly searches for the terms and provides the needed information without any persuasion. They are the ones who specifically search for a particular brand or are aware of the brand’s services/products and if focused more attentively than other leads, may turn into a buyer.

This is why, bought leads, who may not be willing to share their information that easily, do not fit to be a qualified lead.

In simple terms, qualified leads are presumably the most possible converts who are ready to pay for the service/product.

Clearly defining and picking these qualified leads helps with deciding the priorities for an effective sales activity and refraining from wasting efforts on all types of leads that may or may not convert into potential customers.

Why Qualified Leads Become Important For A Business To Grow?

There are a number of reasons why any qualified leads become so essential to identify and focus on. Here are some popular perspectives for the same.

It saves a lot of time and effort by refraining marketers from wasting them on the not-so-interested leads. The sales team to get to focus on fewer leads and can use their hundred percent productivity to convert qualified leads into customers.

This will help generate revenue in lesser time and with lesser efforts, which eventually will increase the number of leads and thus revenue. This improved return on investment(ROI) is what marketing is all about.

You can witness enhanced coordination between both sales and marketing teams without any sourness or conflicts between them. This ultimately improves the productivity of the entire unit.

This is a key way to bypass the popular notion that a maximum number of leads do not actually convert into sales. This targeted method has shown a good potential to convert the maximum of the leads into customers.

It minimizes errors and repetition of mistakes from the past and helps to synchronize all kinds of marketing activities.

Focusing on qualified leads prioritizes the overall marketing campaigns as to which aspect to focus more on.

This kind of focused marketing ultimately improves the business reputation and online caliber.

5 Google Ad Hacks To Improve More Qualified Leads

1. Stop Targeting Cluttered Keywords

In order to improve your business quality score its very essential to get rid of the useless keywords that may only acquire space but not contribute towards improving the quality. Besides, focusing on quality keywords helps you bid according to the keyword matching phrases. Targeting branded keywords is also one of the best methods to get qualified leads attention. Our ultimate goal is to increase the number of clicks and thus the quality score.

2. Give Remarketing A Try

Remarketing is very important when it comes to improving quality scores. As you target users/consumers based on their previous internet behavior and because they have clicked on your ad, the quality score easily gets boosted.

3. Utilize Mobile Marketing As Much As Possible

66.6 percent of the world’s total population use mobile as of 2021. This means mobile becomes an essential medium to reach out to your users. Google automatically detects a mobile-friendly ad format and is displayed the moment any user searches for a specific keyword.

4. Maintain Higher Quality Score

Maintaining higher quality scores is very important, especially when Google appreciates advertisers having higher quality scores and honors them with a lower cost per click(CPC). This means you get to pay lesser for leads/clicks. This also works best in improving ad positions.

5. Eliminate Irrelevant Keywords

Try to upgrade keywords from time to time. Irrelevant keywords may not only affect search volume but also will keep targeting the wrong audience. For a better conversion rate, you need to remove such keywords from time to time that do not fit your purpose or your sales goals anymore. This also lessens the burden on the sales team, ultimately helping them focus on the qualified leads only.

Final Words

Google Ads is one of the best tools for lead generation. Google Ads allow you to focus on the people who are searching for what your business offers. This means you can continually refine your searches so that only people who want to buy your products or services are sent to your websites through this platform.