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How To Boost Organic Growth with Social Media Comments

How To Boost Organic Growth with Social Media Comments

Organic growth of any social media profile will bring you more authentic audiences. Regular posts and engagement may help you to get that.

Choose the best social media based on your product or service. You won’t get the same output on every platform. It’s easier to get organic growth on Facebook than on other sites.

On Facebook, the more organic growth you have the more comments you will get. So, how to boost your social media platform for more comments? Let’s dig out –

How To Boost Organic Growth with Social Media Comments

To boost organic growth, focus on the quality of your posts. You should follow the most effective way of engagement. Find the strategy that works the most for your type of post. Analyze the previous posts and their performance. If you manage to do so, you will get a better audience than any paid boost.

As Facebook is the most common platform, we are going to discuss Facebook and its algorithm first and then the rest. Quality facebook comments on a profile will influence other users about a page or brand in a positive way. So, it’s always important to boost comments on your profile. The following points will guide you to boost organic growth with Facebook comments –

Reply Comments

No one will love to comment on a page that doesn’t respond to its users. Check the comments made by users on your post and reply to them. Reply with something informative. If the customer/user asks about something, try to deliver a clear response to the question.

Don’t ignore the negative ones. They are valuable as well. If you ignore the negative comments, this may leave a bad impression on the audience about the clarity of your social media profile. Don’t be late while responding to the comments. Users prefer profiles that reply within 1 hour of commenting.

Value the Reactions

If you have any pinned comments or any default comments on your post, check the reactions of audiences to that comment. You will be able to judge the feedback of users through their reactions. The comment with the most reaction will stay on top and will influence the audience about the post or the service of yours.

So, monitor the reaction and figure out what went wrong. If most of the reactions are positive then it’s good but if it’s negative then you have to find out the solution as early as possible.

Make them Share the Comments

As per the latest Facebook algorithm, a post is shown on the news feed based on how effective it is. The effectiveness is calculated by how often it’s shared by the users. Make the comment valuable.

If you manage to provide something valuable in your comments, the audience will definitely talk about it. This will increase the engagement of your post multiple times. Try to make your comment complete and don’t let the audience get confused about your response.

Be Unique

There are so many Facebook pages available and you know that. So, what makes your page unique? As a new page, you need to find something unique to post. Let the audience remember your profile because of your posts.

Follow a specific format and image theme for your posts. Do the same for the comment and responses. You should avoid bot replies as it doesn’t make the user feel special. Users don’t prefer to reply twice on a page that replies with the bot.

Apart from these major tips, you may follow some alternatives as well. Post content with questions that will make the user comment on your post with an answer. Include visual/infographic posts that will be beneficial for the users. And finally, be consistent and continue posting.

How Do You Grow On Instagram Comments?

Instagram is another popular social media and it’s quite easy to handle. You should not focus on too many platforms at the same time. You may focus on only Facebook and Instagram for the first few months. If you manage to get a good audience on these, expand your brand on the others. Check the below tips that will help you to grow on Instagram comments –

Giveaway Contest

Create a contest on your profile and ask the user to participate through comments. You may start a weeklong campaign for a better result. Ask your followers to comment on your post and mention other users.

Mention the reward on every post related to that contest. A contest can be made with just a single image. For example – post an image with a caption that you’ll reward the best comment or the comment with the most reaction.


There are influencers available on Instagram who collaborate with new users. This will help you to get followers quickly. Find influencers who belong to the same category of your brand. Propose a collaboration with them. If it works, you will get Instagram followers on your profile. Plan the collaboration with surprises or contests and let the user comment to get the rewards. You should utilize every available strategy.

Push Notifications

Users will love to get instant responses. You should try to reply to the comments instantly. To get the notification of the comments, there is a setting available on Instagram. Turning on the Push Notifications will let you have a notification instantly about any activity on your profile. If your audience gets instant replies, they will love to interact more. The option will be available on the account setting.


Hashtags are the easiest way to get engagement on your post. You will find trending relevant hashtags on Google. Using hashtags will reach your post to more people and will get you a good number of comments as well.

Bottom Line

Sometimes users prefer commenting rather than messaging. If you manage to satisfy your followers with a quick reply, they are going to repeat comments for sure. Don’t let the users wait too long for a response. Make your post interesting and add visual elements to attract the users.