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Bitcoin Fee Comparison: How to Find the Best Deal?

If you want to get a good deal on buying bitcoin and crypto, then this place can prove to be quite profitable for you. Today in this blog we are going to review the top crypto exchanges with the lowest bitcoin fees as well as what you should keep in mind in order to get the lowest fees for buying bitcoin or crypto. For more information, you can visit this website.


If we talk about Kraken, it has a comparatively low amount of fees, a wide daily and a high transaction limit. It all usually depends on what you are buying or selling, as price and fee are two different things. Prices here are subject to spread fees in both cases. Generally speaking, many cryptos cost up to 1.5% to buy fast, although if we talk about stable coins that utilise the US dollar, it is available in a completely different form. Most costs are also determined by how you pay for the purchase.


Talking about Coinbase, it is available as a reliable platform with a simple user interface and many crypto options. If you have just entered the crypto world then Coinbase can be very beneficial for you as it provides its user-friendly and reliable onboarding experience. Several other crypto exchanges have upper fees for bitcoin and often have Have Further confusing fee muzzy when compared to what Coinbase has seen. A spread fee of around 0.5% is charged by Coinbase, which is valued per market fluctuation. And on the other hand, depending on the cryptocurrency, platform, transaction amount and payment method, its fee can go up to around 4.5%. Coinbase is mostly capable of doing things for bitcoin merchants that are easily searchable.

Bittrex and Bitstamp

These have flat percentages as well as a common fee structure to utilise.

Visually, it is based on a 30-day trading volume and is very easily available when it comes to its maker-taker fee structure. Further, these prices are usually considered in addition to an unannounced offer spread and tend to fluctuate with market conditions. If you use Bittrex to deposit crypto, you will not be charged any fees.

Talking about, it has commission options available and is operated in more than 90% of countries globally.

With it, you can buy bitcoin in a very easy and convenient way and it is one of the most expensive. If you are considering trading you will first need to fund your account by bank transfer or credit card. Depending on the payment method and currency, withdrawal costs can increase to as much as 3%, with the introduction of a service fee of up to approximately $20. The same if we talk about the Maker-Taker system, then through this every transaction fee of BTC can be controlled. With this, a user can pay around 0.15% to more than 0.20% depending on the side of the transaction.


Here if we talk about fees, there are three types of charges which include transaction fee, deposit fee, and withdrawal fee. There are different types of these and when combined, they can also play a significant role in affecting the total amount of your bitcoin or crypto. 

Exchange Rate / Spread:

While many exchanges may initially find you cheap with very low fees, they tend to hide their fees in a large spread, which you can use to pay more for the bitcoin you buy or sell for less.

Country Support:

If the country in which you live is not accepted by the exchange for customers, it will not be of any help to you at all.

Buying Limit:

Most exchanges are ones that limit how much you can buy and sell. These limits are typically based on either your time with the exchange or how much personal information you provide to them to meet AML and KYC regulations.

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