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Scrum Master

Advanced Certified Scrum Master (A-CSM®) Certification

Advanced Certified Scrum Master certification is meant for immersing into the role of a ScrumMaster. There is no exam for the A-CSM® certification. It is a 2 Days Activity-based Classroom Training for those who hold an active Scrum Master Certificate already and have at least a year’s experience in the scrum environment. It needs many hours of preparation before getting trained under it. It serves as a real-world experience for Scrum Masters by developing virtues like problem resolving & planning techniques in them.

The certification is helpful to the practitioners to better communicate and coordinate with the Product Owner, development team, customers, stakeholders, and executives. Advanced Certified Scrum Master is accredited by Scrum Alliance for Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches. It holds more value than the entry-level CSM certificate as it practically prepares a professional to work effectively as Scrum Master serving Agile teams. Scrum is an important framework due to its capability to resolve complex problems when it comes to delivering innovative services & products within the stipulated budget as well as time. The Scrum Master certification itself is one of the top three emerging job roles in Product Development as per The World Economic Forum.

Benefits of A-CSM® Certification:

  1. It makes you hold a different and higher position in the job market. A-CSM enriches implementation skills. This makes you stand out by demonstrating your advanced scrum knowledge.
  2. To play the roles of an Agile Coach or Iteration Manager will be a lot easier. You will be able to handle difficult projects with strict deadlines and varied customer demands.
  3. An aspirant can better manage the challenges including their Product Owner, Development Team, and a bigger organization.
  4. There are not many Certified Scrum Masters, so becoming one will surely add to the value of an individual’s career. The certificate is proof that the Scrum Master has worked in an environment that may or may not be Agile friendly. There are different sectors like education, finance, and banking, retail, telecommunications that require Advanced Certified Scrum Masters. The global marketplace also has a huge demand for such professionals.
  5. This program makes one eligible for the CSP-SM certification.

Who Requires this Certification?

A-CSM® certification is for Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Delivery Managers, Iteration Managers, Development Managers, Team Leaders, and Project Managers. These know the fundamentals of Scrum by way of holding a valuable & recent CSM® Certification. CSP educators must be SCM certified as well.

Difference Between A-CSM and CSM

A-CSM is a credential offered by Scrum Alliance and the training is meant for Certified Scrum Masters who want to take their skills to the next level. Whereas the CSM by Scrum Alliance is offered to those who want to begin their Agile and Scrum career.

A-CSM is ideal to enhance skills like coaching, facilitation, etc in your scrum team. While CSM makes you learn the basics of scrum, its processes, methodology, scrum roles and responsibilities, and so on.

Procedure to Get A-CSM Certification

  • You Must hold a Certified Scrum Master® Certification with Scrum Alliance.
  • Take a 2-day Advanced-CSM course training from a Globally Registered Education Provider of Scrum Alliance. Attend this certified A-CSM educational offering to learn the required skills and techniques to gain more than the basics of Scrum. You will learn interaction, agile facilitation, coaching, services to the development team and to product owners, etc. in the A-CSM® certification course. Once this is done, you will get a welcome email from Scrum Alliance.
  • Complete the certified educational offering like the post- or pre-course work- or whatever is considered necessary by the approved educator to accomplish the objectives. Note that though there is no official A-CSM exam, the certified trainer will offer some assignments which the trainee needs to complete in order to get the certificate. All live sessions must be attended and it is advised that the participants finish reading the theory before the session so that they can take part in all activities and discussions.
  • Click on the link that you receive from Scrum Alliance and activate your Scrum Alliance certification Account.
  • Accept the A-CSM Licence Agreement and complete the membership profile.
  • Validate a 12-month’s experience which is required as a ScrumMaster within the past five years, in order to make this training effective. For that login to your Scrum Alliance account, go to the Certification dashboard under settings Under your profile picture, select ‘Edit’ your certification profile and then scroll down to ‘add/edit your work experience.
  • Once you validate your Scrum Master experience, you will be able to download your A-CSM® certification immediately. If you face any problems, contact

Renewal of Advanced-Certified Scrum Master certification is needed every two years. The fee for renewing it is $175. By doing so the credential is extended for a period of another two years since its expiry date. 30 Scrum Educational Units or SEUs are also required for A-CSM. These SEUs can be earned by completing educational training or a learning opportunity. For that, all you need to do is:

  1. Sign in to the official website of Scrum Alliance
  2. Go to dashboard
  3. Select the option ‘Renew Certification’, which is mentioned under ‘Actions’.

The courses offered by various approved educators usually provide 2 days of Online Virtual classes, activity-based learning, 2 years of membership in Scrum Alliance, 16 SEUs, and A-CSM® certification. The classes are delivered by experienced CST trainers. The cost of an A-CSM certification class differs from educator to educator. If an individual has an experience in Scrum but gets certified later, the eligibility of one-year scrum experience shall be considered valid for them provided it is gained in the last five years.

Companies like Standard Chartered, Bosch, BT, Citi Group, etc. hire ACSM professionals in India. A Certified Advanced Scrum Master can earn an estimated salary of Rs. 14 lakhs per annum. An Advanced CSM Certification earns a 45% extra salary as compared to an entry-level Scrum Master. [Ref.]


It is always good not to get yourself compared to other common roles such as Software Developer or a Project Manager, being a Scrum Master is something. Pursuing a career by opting for the CSM® certification course and A-CSM® certification training will surely make you stand ahead of others.