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How Long To Study For PMP Certification?

How long to study for PMP certification is a common question for PMP aspirants and the answer to this question lies based on the fact that how much time are you giving to your study every day? The preparation time for the PMP exam is going to vary for every student.

You can find different exam takers who have successfully passed their exams in different durations. While there are exam takers who took three years for one successful attempt, there are also exam takers who completed their preparation in less than a month only.

The strategy of the exam taker who took three years for preparation dedicated one year to go through the PMBOK guide, another year to complete all the reference books, and the final year was dedicated to the practice of click to read more and material review.

On the other hand, the other exam taker who shared her experience of giving the exam with the preparation of less than one month explained how she faced the challenge of lack of time. Initially, she had to cancel her exams several times or she kept rescheduling them. But this was leading her to the deadline for her eligibility. Now, she had no alternative but to appear for the exam. In such a situation, she decided to dedicate one month to the preparation. She finally appeared for the exam and successfully passed it.

While there is no particular amount of time that you need to dedicate to your preparation for the PMP exam, there are a few steps that you can follow during your preparation, as follows:

Gathering Information

The very first and crucial step you need to take as you finally make the choice of becoming a PMP is to gather every piece of critical information available around you. It is easy to find relevant information from resources available for study online. You can also participate in training programs that can guide you fairly through a 35 hours program. However, it is not suggested to dedicate more than one week to basic information collection. cism exam dumps 2022 for more relevant information on the PMP exam.

Completing PMP Training

To be eligible to appear for the PMP exam, earning a certificate of 35-hour contact and fulfilling the qualification requirement is critical. This step is also not going to take more than a week.

While you are likely to complete your training in three days or four if you choose the boot camp, an online program might take longer to complete because it offers year-long access. However, it is suggested to make sure that your PMP training does not take longer.

PMP Exam Preparation

Exam preparation for PMP is going to be the most time-taking step here. You can use reference materials for PMP and PMBOK guides during your PMP exam preparation. Do not forget to practice with the help of mock tests and questions while preparing. Generally, three hours of preparation every day for three months is enough to successfully appear for the exam. However, you do not need to adhere to certain standards. Appear for your exam once you are confident about your preparation.

Appearing for Exam

In the final step, you need to appear for the exam and pass it.