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PMS Bites

Shark Tank Updates: PMS Bites

  • PMS Bites By The Basics Company
  • Tania Green Is The Proprietor
  • Product: Women’s Specialty Snacks Designed To Alleviate PMS Symptoms
  • Asking Price: $50,000 For A 20% Stock Stake
  • No Deal Is The Final Deal
  • Healthy Snacks For Women With PMS
  • None In The End

Tania Green spotted a need in the market for a healthy alternative to the sweet, unhealthy treats that many women want as part of their PMS symptoms. Women suffer from a variety of aches, sensations, and cravings during their period, with more than 150 distinct PMS symptoms. Sugar and fat cause bloating, desires, and discomfort, thus the foods accessible to them are restricted and counterproductive. Tania was well aware that she craved sugar and salt the most, but she was also aware that she had a solution.

As A Result, She Set Out To Produce PMS Bites, A Vegan, Gluten-Free, And Nutritious Snack Product Targeted Only Towards Women.

On Shark Tank, PMS bites

Season/Episode: Episode 29 Of Season 7

While most candidates begin their product with little acting, Tania has a knack for bringing it to life. She goes center stage and sighs, her lovely eyes darkened by exhaustion and her face plainly distressed. “Hello Sharks,” she grumbles. “My name is Tania, and I’m from Boston. I’m looking for $50,000 for a 20% stake in my firm.” She directs her gaze directly towards the sharks. “I understand. I don’t seem to be overjoyed to be here. She adds, “I’m on the inside.” And it’s at this point that the action starts to take shape. “It’s only that my back hurts, I’m so swollen this dress could fall off, and I’m quite hot,” she explains, fanning herself with both hands. “That’s correct, Sharks,” says the narrator. PMS is what I’m talking about.”

Tanya gives the sharks (and the viewers at home) some alarming facts, revealing that 90 percent of women suffer from one or more of the 150 documented PMS symptoms. Those symptoms, according to Tanya, may persist anywhere from 7 to 10 days every month. “Thank you for that number, Mr. Wonderful,” she says to Kevin O’Leary, the most devious shark. “You’d be much grumpier than normal for a third of the year.”

A table of gorgeous and delicious-looking snack goodies with names like Coconutty, All Kinds of Nuts, and Plain Crazy is set up on stage right, next to Tanya. These delicious bite-sized snacks are healthful and include a combination of herbs and nutritional supplements that may help with PMS symptoms including bloating, cramps, and irritability.

Tania Gives Out Samples Of The Delectable Bite-Sized Goodies, Noting That Dates, Almond Butter, And Gluten-Free Oats Are The Key Components.

Calculating The Facts

PMS Bites

Tania Delves Into The Financial Intricacies Of Her Firm As The Sharks Munch Down On Appetizing Samples.

  • To Date, $13,400.07 Has Been Spent. “Every Cent Matters, Mark,” Says The Narrator
  • Independent Stores And Equinox Gyms Are Two Revenue Sources
  • 7 Months In The Business
  • Price At Wholesale: $4.50
  • The Retail Price Is $7.00.
  • Production Cost: $1.55
  • 66 Percent Profit Margin

The sharks can smell blood in the water because they are plainly performing algebra in their brains. “Why isn’t it selling?” Cuban wonders. From his throne of misery, Mr. Wonderful speaks up. He refers to you as the “princess of little numbers.”

Tania retaliates. She claims that the problem isn’t with the product, but with finance. She creates them, packages them, and rides her bike to distribute them. Tania is excited about the product since she suffered from terrible PMS. Kevin, on the other hand, is eager to point out that the product isn’t therapeutic — it doesn’t include any true medication or pharmaceutical advantages, simply a combination of plants that might have no impact at all. “It’s only a piece of candy, right?”

Kevin also takes issue with the fact that she named her product PMS Bites and targeted it just to women, therefore alienating half of her target market (excluding men and children). Tania responds that she wouldn’t be standing in front of them today if she’d dubbed them Tania’s Vegan Cookies. The PMS angle is a marketing ploy that seems to be successful.

Tania concludes her case by noting that she had past experience running marketing departments and branding departments for huge corporations, so she is confident in her abilities, but she has never been enthusiastic about “selling someone else’s idea.” This is her fantasy, and she knows it will appeal to other women.

The Auction

PMS Bites

Lori Greiner repackages Kevin’s prior statement in a more appealing package, claiming that her marketing audience is just too small to be a sound investment. She understands why she only pitches to women, but she isn’t comfortable excluding men and children from her target market. She is the first to withdraw.

Next, Robert Herjavec adds his two cents, adding that he agrees with Lori but likes the marketing tagline. He recognizes the value in her marketing plan and believes she stands out in the congested market for healthy food. However, the numbers are just insufficient. He’s no longer with us.

Tania doesn’t seem to be selling her goods, and Barbara doesn’t see the passion or ambition required to achieve large income and sales statistics. She adds, “I hear the lyrics, but not the music,” and then walks away.

Tania is the “princess of little numbers, but she has to be the queen of sales,” Kevin says, repeating his prior warning. He doesn’t think that’s going to happen, therefore he’s out.

Mark Cuban exits with some sound advice and an accurate assessment of Tania’s shortcomings so far: he believes the product should be highly marketed online, with social media serving as its primary promotional tool. Because the product is promoted to women, and women are heavy users of social media, it has the potential to become viral. What is the location of that angle? Tania is plainly losing out on that chance, and her flawed marketing strategy has made Cuban wary of the company as a whole.

“Focusing on retail was a strategic blunder,” Cuban argues. “It’s incomprehensible to me that you didn’t concentrate your viral marketing efforts online. It would have to be a financial investment rather than tuition to accomplish this. It also has the vibe of tutoring. “I’m out for those reasons,” Cuban adds.

Tania Leaves Empty-Handed, But With Her Head Held High, Resolving To Work Even Harder In The Future.

Where Have All The PMS Bites Gone Since Shark Tank?

PMS Bites

Tania Green didn’t get a deal with the sharks, but the incident left an indelible imprint on her. She took the lessons she learned on Shark Tank with her and has been more motivated than ever to make her company a success since the show’s premiere.

Surprisingly, her participation in Shark Tank was not her last encounter with a shark. Green chance to encounter meet shark Kevin O’Leary at a hotel pool bar in Miami after the episode was recorded. “With a message that read, ‘Mr. Wonderful, it was such a joy pitching in front of you last season,’ I gave him a round of drinks. You’re the greatest of them all. Please accept this round of drinks as a gift from me. “With sincere gratitude, the Princess of Small Numbers,” she writes. “Did I truly tell you that you were the princess of little numbers?” he said.

(It’s natural that he has no recollection of his own response to Tania’s output, considering that he’s most likely in a fugue state throughout shooting.) It wouldn’t surprise this writer if Kevin O’Leary forgets his caustic, soul-crushing words to competitors who pitch their life’s work on the program on a regular basis.)

Tania claims she is no longer attempting to build the company or extend marketing, even though PMS Bites are still accessible and the website is still up and operating — with merchandise ready for sale. She’s content with the product’s current state.

Although PMS Bites has a few thousand Instagram followers, her social media presence has not generated the viral buzz that Mark Cuban had hoped for.

“I treat [the firm] as if it were my child,” she explains. “I really hustled, struggled, and scratched for it.” I’ll be able to brag to my grandchildren about being featured in Forbes [as part of a Shark Tank piece]. It was a lot of fun. I’d do it all over again.”

The material in this post is offered only for educational purposes; Royal Pitch is not linked with PMS Bites, Shark Tank, or any of its subsidiaries.

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