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Precise Graphix started as a tiny business based in Pennsylvania, servicing a limited number of customers. Different sorts of design services and products would be provided by the design group. The firm exists to serve a variety of reasons. For starters, they may assist you in utilizing the program to create designs. These designs may be for a variety of items, including furniture, architectural plans, ideas, and so on. The company’s production section can then aid you in bringing the concept to life.

For more than a decade, everything had been going smoothly at the firm. They weren’t making huge profits by any means, but they were able to keep the business going. Unfortunately, since they had so few clients, it shook up the firm when one of its main customers pulled out. They either required outside help or dreaded the worse. This is when Marcus enters the picture.

Episode 7 Of Season 3 Of The Profit

Keith and Dean are the company’s founders and have been at the helm since the company’s beginning. Each brother has a half-interest in the business. Marcus meets with them at the start of the episode, and they tell him about the kind of work their firm does, which mostly consists of creating retail locations. Marcus is first told of the $3.5 million in revenue generated by the firm the previous year. The figure has an impact on him.

Marcus is taken on a tour of the brothers’ massive complex, and he is impressed. This company has a lot of potentials, which is a concept that comes up many times in this episode. If it is the show’s more uplifting theme, the show’s more negative theme is the brothers’ incessant bickering. There are a number of issues on which they disagree. When Marcus suggests traveling to trade exhibitions, for example, they are divided.

There are a few noteworthy difficulties that have surfaced at this early stage of the show. The first is that Dean seems to be concerned about expanding the firm, which is understandable. He is concerned that, since they sometimes make design mistakes, if they take on too many new projects, things would get chaotic and more mistakes will be made. Marcus discovers throughout the trip that one of the causes of errors might be the equipment they’re using. It’s in desperate need of an overhaul. There are a lot of really old forms of functioning that are still in use. One of the workers demonstrates to Marcus that the firm still uses floppy discs at one time. He understands that there will be a lot of work to be done at that moment.

The second major difficulty that Marcus mentions is one that he commonly meets in firms that are owned by numerous persons. Especially when they are first and foremost relatives or friends. Between the two brothers, there is no apparent leader, and it’s difficult to discern who is in charge of what. These concerns with leadership are causing problems for the organization and restricting its potential. Marcus is pleased with the personnel, so it’s not all bad news. Keith and Dean have decided to collaborate with individuals he admires.

Precise Graphix

Marcus examines the money the organization is dealing with at this moment. He discovers that the corporation is operating at a $180,000 loss. Marcus lays down the law and informs them that they must act swiftly and that this would need a significant investment in new equipment. What he discovers about the brothers is that they have a hard time making decisions. This is a crucial point that Marcus will return to when he unveils his deal criterion.

Marcus takes a seat in the center of the warehouse with the two brothers. He’s all set to make his presentation, and he starts by asking Keith and Dean how much they believe the company is worth. The amount he receives, roughly $2.5 million, is far from accurate. Marcus had analyzed the statistics and arrived with a figure of $270,000. The brothers are taken aback, but after taking some time to process the number, they don’t oppose Marcus since they realize he’s probably correct.

Marcus now poses a hypothetical to the brothers. Would they accept a $250k offer to take the firm off their hands if someone came in and offered it to them? They say they’re not going to do it. Marcus is happy with the response; it is exactly what he expected to hear. He informs them that, despite the fact that he could potentially provide less money or want more stock, he will give them $270,000 in exchange for a 30% stake in the firm. It hinges on one important condition: Marcus will have complete authority over all decision-making. He emphasizes their indecisiveness as well as the fact that neither of them likes to hold others responsible. After considerable deliberation, the brothers accept Marcus’ offer.

Marcus gets down to business, appointing Dean as the creative director and Keith as the financial director. Marcus assigns a task to the two brothers. One of his shops needed to be redesigned in three weeks. If they don’t succeed, the transaction is off. The overall outcome is satisfactory, although Marcus is dissatisfied with several design flaws. He offers Dean another opportunity to reimagine the car industry. He acquits himself well on this task. Marcus is thrilled at how far the boys have already progressed. He believes the company has the potential to be worth $50 million, if not more.

After Profit, There’s Life

Precise Graphix

If you look them up right now, you’ll find a very professional website that exhibits all of the company’s expanding services and products. Because they now provide so much more, the firm is now branded as Precise Design Group rather than Precise Graphix. The firm is still growing and is becoming more in accordance with the brothers’ and Marcus’ visions.

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