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Why is Marriage Important?

Marriage is a beautiful bond that binds two hearts forever. It is not only the union of two hearts but also different individuals with different identities, two different individuals with different ideas, different cultures, different families, absolutely different upbringing. It is needed to merge two different dreams.

Why Marriage is important in India?

Marriage is important in our life. Marriage is sharing life with someone, sparing time for someone, investing valuable resources to create a small little world of our own. It is a special relationship with two different perspectives; two different personalities union together with love, sacrifice and commitment with passion bring the best out of each other.

Importance in Indian Culture:

In Indian culture, Marriage is taken even higher in terms of values and customs. The value of commitment and surrender, love and affection is taken to the next level. It doesn’t only is the union of two hearts but brings two families together. For Indians, this is a one-time event. Families are involved; even the farthest relative share in the joy and offers their good wishes to the newly wedded. Marriage is a special celebration.

Love vs. Arrange Marriage

Difference between Love Marriage and Arrange Marriage:

The difference between Love Marriage and arranged Marriage is very specific in India. Parents and family has a upper hand in dissension making. Even though thinking’s are changing in due course of time. Unlikely in love marriage is a sole decision makers are the bride and the groom.

In Arrange Marriage, many social parameters and religious costumes are valued. Whereas love marriage is much liberal in this regard.

Pros of Marriage:

When it comes to talking about the pros and cons of Marriage, as for the saying, marriages are made in heaven, but it is maintained on earth. Like every other relationship, marriages also need special care, attention, time and space to nature this beautiful bond.

In the beginning, giving time to each other is very important, not only time but also space to the spouse for the transition to happen in her/his life; that be of healthy companionship.

Two are better than one; Marriage provides partnership. Provides an honest relationship that builds and is willing to support in time of hardship. Trust is an important factor that supports the relationship as a backbone. As said, “Ignore many shortcomings”.

As trust firmly, the belt goes a long way. Clarifies much confusion and provide patients towards each other. In comparison, miss trust is as bitter as bile. Miss trust breaks relationships and families. But the simple act of being honest and transparent helps the spouse to build trust.

Good compatibility brings wonderful companionship. Yes, spoken compatibility and companionship are interlinked. The more you are compatible with someone the more you are compatible with someone the more you are friendly and feel closer. Compatibility is often misunderstood with comfort; sometimes, both individuals have to make some adjustments to make others comfortable, which is the essence of love.

But compatibility is accomplished when your spouse has enough room in his heart, mind and enough space for you to express and live your life as you are; where you are free to express your inner self, your likes and dislikes, your fears and weaknesses and still be loved, cared and valued. That leads to another point of Marriage valuing each other.

Sometimes perspectives can be different, but rather than forcing one’s own perspective on others, it is better to find a middle way with the proper understanding of this matter of different perspectives. This can also be looked an opportunity of exploring each other perspectives, to learn about the other and grow. When there is understanding in Marriage, the journey of life becomes a bed of roses despite all the challenges.

As marriage places such an important role in our lives. It is important to make a wise decision while choosing a partner. Compatibility and understanding are the foundation to build up relationships. There is absolutely no space for compromise as there is no reset or reverse in Marriage. Relationship breath on compromise leads to two other extreme life.

When it comes to the cons of Marriage: well, this decision can not be reversed. A broken relationship gives more pain. Marriage is a very sensitive bond that can not be taken for granted. In Marriage both the individual should be careful that they do not suppress each other’s identity, or sometimes they can be so submissive that the individual forgets their own identity.

Love is the binding agent in every relationship, so in Marriage, love in its purest form binds two different individuals so perfectly that in later time they rise above the fact of compatibility in understanding and willingly commit the rest of their life to love and serve each other. That is the goal of Marriage. However, all the challenges falling in love with each other.

Cons of Marriage:

Like any other marriage can have its cons. Sometimes lack of communication can lead to misunderstanding. Every individual takes time to adjust to new circumstances. Clear communication among the spouse is crucial, or else it can lead to confusion and misunderstanding and later can lead to a bad marriage.

Lack of respect for each other in marriages can cause more harm than any good. Giving space to each other is important. As discussed, marriage is irreversible, it’s a one-time decision; it cannot be changed, the knot cannot be untied. So, it becomes very difficult to continue with a bad marriage. Broken Marriage leaves scars forever.

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