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Best Rollerblades for Women

Roller Skating is a good sport for teenagers as well as for adults. Anyone can ace it with proper training and a perfect pair of rollerblades to skate.

Whether you are really into rollerblading, an experienced roller skater, or just a beginner in this sport, various rollerblades are available based on your needs. But before buying any roller blade, roller skates, or inline skates, it is vital to understand the workings and know which one suits you best.

If you are looking for rollerblades for women, there are cute roller blades womens, and you can choose from any of them. These are:

1. Rollerblade Bladerunner Advantage Pro XT

This one is a perfect choice when looking to start roller skating as a beginner. You can go for these blades anytime because it is sturdy, nicely manufactured, and available at affordable pricing options.

This rollerblade has an extra padding layer keeping comfort as its top priority. It comes with skate laces, a strap, and a buckle for keeping your feet secure. It also comes with brakes that stop quickly when you want it to.

Some of its key features are:

  • The blades come with four 80mm blade runner wheels.
  • It is available in women’s sizes 5-10 in black boots and pink straps.
  • It is best suitable for beginners.

2. K2 Kinetic and Kinetic Pro

Coming up next is the cute roller blades for women beginners that are k2 kinetic. It comes in half sizes and offers speed racing and a faster system of rollerblades. K2 kinetic comes with a composite frame that provides you stability while skating. Its features are:

  • Both k2 kinetic and kinetic pro are available in 6-11 sizes.
  • It has ABEC-5 bearings
  • It has four 80mm each.

3. Rollerblade Macroblade

This one is perfect for intermediate skaters that promise a smooth ride without a high cost. It is the best-selling inline skate available with many different choices of wheels. Its features are:

  • The boots are available in sizes 5-10.5mm.
  • It has aluminum frames between 100-110mm, which are longer and taller.
  • There are four models of different sizes available as per your requirements.
  • The bearings are in SG5 and SG8 speeds.

4. K2 Alexis and K2 F.I.T Roller blades

K2 Alexis is a more advanced and good-looking model than its kinetic variants. It has better boots, frames, wheels, and bearings. And to cover up the fitness side of rollerblades, they also come with the K2 F.I.T model. These models are known for their cute rollerblades in the women’s category.

Key Features of K2 Alexis are:

  • The women’s sizes are available in 4-10 half sizes from 6-10.5.
  • All boots are small and come with a dial-in front to adjust to your skates’ tightness.
  • The bearings are ABEC 5 bearings.
  • There are a total of six options available in wheel sizes.

Key Features of K2 F.I.T are:

  • The women’s blades are available in bronze.
  • Boots are available in 5-13 with half sizes.
  • Almost all frames come in aluminum, and one model, F.I.T 80, comes in a nylon frame.
  • There are six wheel options available.
  • Almost all F.I.T blades come with standard ABEC bearings and ILQ7 bearings.

Different brands of roller skates, rollerblades, and inline blades are available for both men and women based on their needs. Try these roller skates and join in the fun of roller skating!