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Original Comfy

Shark Tank Updates: The Original Comfy

After a recent divorce, Michael Speciale was living with his brother, Brian. Michael observed his nephew reclining on the sofa watching television while wearing one of his father’s big sweaters while hanging out with Brian and his kid. For warmth and comfort, his knees and arms were smuggled in.

The two single dads started chatting about an adult version after marveling at how comfy and snug it looked. The concept for The Original Comfy was conceived when a nearby Sherpa blanket provided as inspiration for the material they might utilize to make an enormous sweatshirt/blanket combo.

Michael and Brian created a prototype and sought a manufacturer for it. They just needed some money to get their new firm off the ground, so they decided to try their luck on Shark Tank.

The two brothers attended an open call for the exhibition in Denver a month after developing The Original Comfy. Michael and Brian serenaded the judges with their own rendition of Deck the Halls, in which the words were changed to The Comfy. They seem to have pulled it off. They got a call from producers a few days later, asking them to participate in the ninth season of Shark Tank.

On Shark Tank, The Speciale Brothers Get Comfy

Season 9 Episode 13 Of Shark Tank

Michael and Brian Speciale informed the Sharks shortly after taking the stage that they were seeking $50,000 in return for a 20% ownership stake in the company. While presenting and putting on a huge grey blanket, the brothers burst into song. They unfolded the enormous blanket and slung it over Michael’s head, changing it into a gigantic hooded sweatshirt, declaring The Original Comfy a “blanket that’s a sweatshirt!”

The brothers revealed to the panel that The Comfy was conceived and intended to keep people warm in the harshest winter situations after they concluded the song and bathed in the accompanying ovation. Comfy’s big hood could also be used as a pillow, and users could put their feet and hands inside it for total coverage.

The Comfy was designed in one size to make production simpler, while the reversible form gave adaptability and “style possibilities.” A brief film showed someone cuddling up on a sofa with a hot beverage while watching The Comfy.

The brothers gave each of the judges a Comfy and encouraged them to rest on the sofa they had on stage with them. The Sharks tried on the Comfy and sat down on the sofa, declaring it “pretty comfortable.” They returned to their chairs and resumed their work.

Getting A Glimpse Of The Data

Michael and Brian explain that The Comfy is a brand-new product that has yet to sell, but that they are about to begin production on their first large order. They intended to offer The Comfy for $39.99, with a $17 product cost per unit, however, the cost might be decreased to $11 if they had sufficient funding to create 100,000 units at once.

The Sharks were underwhelmed by the profit margin prospects and instead focused on the two brothers and their invention of The Comfy. Michael related how, following his divorce, he moved in with Brian and was inspired by his nephew to wear one of Brian’s huge sweaters as a blanket when lazing around the home. The Sharks were enthralled by their narrative, but they had had concerns about how to make The Comfy a financial success.

The Sharks’ first and most serious complaint was that The Comfy was too similar to the Snuggie. The only change, according to Lori, is the installation of a hood. She admits that she conducts a lot of business with their presumed main competition and believes that The Comfy does not provide a distinctive enough choice. As a result, she withdraws.

The Comfy is meant to be worn on the go, but the Snuggles must be removed to get off the sofa, according to the brothers. Despite seeming to accept that explanation, Mark does not believe they are ready to bring the product to market, and he, too, withdraws.

Sharks Make Investment Offers In The Comfy

Original Comfy

The three surviving Sharks, on the other hand, all displayed interest and made investment proposals to the brothers. Robert claimed he was prepared to invest $50,000 in The Comfy after learning that the Snuggie had sold 22 million blankets, but that he would need to boost his stock portion to 50%.

Barbara came in with a counter-offer, maintaining the $50,000 but cutting the share amount to 30%. Recognizing Barbara’s potential to help the brothers establish an internet presence for The Comfy, Michael requested the 25% that Robert had provided, but Barbara denied it. Kevin stood out, expressing his dissatisfaction with The Comfy. He informs the brothers he’s out after a dramatic pause.

Finally, the brothers make the correct decision to accept Barbara’s offer of $50,000 and a 30% stake in the company, and they exit the Shark Tank happy about the transaction they made and the future possibilities of their company.

What Happened To Them? After Shark Tank, The Original Comfy

Original Comfy

The Speciale brothers’ triumph on Shark Tank had an immediate effect, with their episode selling out within 24 hours of airing. That was just the start. The Comfy Feet, Comfy Kids, and Comfy Hoodie alternatives were added to the brothers’ product portfolio.

Soon after, The Comfy went popular on social media and started receiving orders from over 70 nations worldwide. Michael and Brian attempted to improve their whole web presence after realizing the influence that social media and internet marketing can have. They have thousands of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter friends and followers, and their online sales figures are strong and expanding via their own websites.

The Comfy is now available on QVC, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Amazon, thanks to Barbara’s aid.

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