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5 Ways An Employment Lawyer Can Help You

5 Ways An Employment Lawyer Can Help You

When handling any kind of legal employment issue, it’s always best to consult an expert employment lawyer for guidance. These situations can be daunting to get through without a legal expert, even more so because your career may depend on a positive outcome.

Relying on an employment attorney makes it easier to get through career law issues and receive a fair settlement if necessary.

Here are five significant ways HKM employment attorneys can help you.

Evaluate A Severance Package

A severance package is a compensation that an employer provides when employment ends. The compensation may include extended contractual benefits like health insurance. Employers typically offer this goodwill gesture to employees that have been laid off due to downsizing and those who are retiring. Employers also provide severance packages to employees who have resigned or been let go.

Employers are not legally obligated to offer severance packages, but the compensation is usually offered when employment termination is the result of company actions instead of lousy employee performance.

Consulting an employment lawyer to review a severance package offer is the best way to ensure you are receiving fair compensation that will serve as a buffer until you can secure another job.

Review Employment Contract

Employment contracts and all their clauses can be tricky to understand. For this reason, it’s common for professionals to sign the contract without reading all the small print. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to issues with clauses like non-compete agreements and others.

Before signing a contract, having an employment lawyer review the contract is the best way to ensure the vacancy is legitimate and that the contractual clauses all support your best interests as an employee.

Negotiate Settlements

Lawsuits typically take a lot of time due to the lengthy procedures and legal system. Moreover, cases can take even longer if there are difficulties between the employer and the employee. If the settlement offer is insufficient, negotiations can go back and forth for some time.

Instead of handling settlements on your own, an employment lawyer will successfully negotiate a fair settlement offer. Relying on a lawyer also speeds up the process so employees can receive settlements sooner.

Court Representation

In some situations, the lawsuit will go to trial. Navigating a trial can be extremely challenging without an expert lawyer. A lawyer that specializes in employment law is knowledgeable of the court systems and courtroom etiquette. Employment lawyers can also heighten your chances of winning the case simply by filing your claim correctly.

Wrongful Termination Payouts

Wrongful termination happens when an employee is laid off for unlawful reasons or when the termination process breaches the employee’s contract or employment laws. Employees can pursue a lawsuit to receive fair compensation.

Employees that rely on a lawyer to handle wrongful termination lawsuits can also recover their legal fees above compensation.

An employment lawyer can help you get through legal issues while protecting your career and ensuring you receive fair compensation for unfair or unlawful treatment.