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YouTube Ads for Beginners: How to Launch & Optimize a YouTube Video Advertising Campaign


There are a lot of brands choose to promote on YouTube because of their world wide and interactive audience base that amasses more than 2 billion active users every month.

You need to establish your channel on YouTube as a beginner before you decide to launch and optimize an ad campaign on YouTube. Which is why choosing to buy YouTube subscribers for your channel, after doing your research on the best sites to buy YouTube subscriber is the best option to gain traction in a short period of time.

The different types of ads on YouTube

To begin with –

1. The skippable in steam ads on YouTube

These type of ads are the ads that play either before or during the YouTube video and the viewers have the option to skip them after five seconds. As the advertiser who is paying for the ads, you have to only pay if the viewer chooses to keep watching past those initial five seconds and your ad needs to be at least 12 seconds long. When you choose to buy YouTube subscribers, you increase your chances of your content being viewed.

2. Video discovery ads on YouTube

Video discovery ads are very similar to the ads you see on the search results page of Google. These ads show up right next to the organic search results and ads credibility as well as value to the video displayed on the ad. Discovery ads have about three lines of text with a thumbnail image. Researching about the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers are one of the best ways to increase your rate of engagement on your content.

3. Non Video ads on YouTube

These non video ads on YouTube are for advertisers who do not have a marketing budget for the video content, for which this social media platform offers non video ads that appear on the right hand size bar and include the image and text of your website or video.

Which brings us to the question, how to advertise and launch a YouTube advertising campaign?

  1. Creating your very own ad campaign, where you have to begin with signing into your Google ads account and then select the option of a new campaign. Then, you will have to choose your campaign goal but make sure that you keep in mind that they align with the marketing strategies and objectives of your brand, such as an increase in the number of sales, website traffic, brand awareness, leads and so on.
  2. Ensure that you have defined the parameters of your YouTube ad campaign. Make sure that you have selected the bid strategy for this campaign and entered your budget by the day, and where you would like your Youtube ads to show up like all of YouTube, the display network of YouTube or the discovery only which is the search results of YouTube.
  3. Choosing the right target audience is crucial especially when you will have to select the location and language of your audience base. Research on the demographics of your target audience base and utilize the detailed life stage data that YouTube provides. Make sure that your interests such as the right and relevant keywords are used.
  4. The last and final step is to set your ad campaign on YouTube to live. Once you have entered the link to your ad on YouTube, you just need to click on the create campaign option to make sure that your campaign is running. If you would like to experiment and explore with the creativity of your ads on YouTube, you can also choose to try the ad sequence campaigns where you have the option to uploaded several types of ads that will support each other and are curated to act as a better fit for your target audience.


These were a few tips on how you can launch an optimize your ad campaigns on YouTube to their maximum potential. It is also advised that when you brand early, make sure that you brand meaningfully because studies have shown that ads perform the best when the branding appears on the first 5 seconds of the ad and even during the ad. This also helps in increasing the engagement rate of the brand on the social media platform.