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Buying Bitcoin With Payoneer

Buying Bitcoin With Payoneer (2022)

Bitcoin is the leading and best cryptocurrency in the world. Millions of users particularly invest in bitcoin. They follow bitcoin’s ups and downs and invest loyally for getting better benefits when the conditions are favorable and wait for the situations to get better if they are not that good. It was a decade ago when bitcoin hit the market for the first time. The inventor of bitcoin is still anonymous with only a name that is still not clear whether it’s an individual or a group. The name is Satoshi Nakamoto and the concerned information is not known. There are some pre-decided protocols, technology, and other that is being followed and except that nothing is known. When the first purchase was made the value of bitcoin was in rugs but now it is scaling the top of every list. 

The value of bitcoin has crossed the traditional values and is rising constantly. Though there have been some fluctuations recently, people are still buying and trading in bitcoin. For this, they need a platform to buy the currency easily. Payoneer is one such crypto buying platform and in this article, we are going to study how to buy bitcoin on this digital platform for our benefit.


The facility of a linked bank account and a prepaid card has added to the benefits of Payoneer and has helped it to become one of the leading digital payment platforms. In a way, Payoneer acts like a broker that helps in negotiating between a buyer and seller. Here sellers can be an individual or a pool of bitcoin users. They in turn receive bitcoin payments in Payoneer and the buying party gets the amount of bitcoin that he has paid for. Thus Payoneer acts like a mediator between the two parties involved in buying and selling.

How To Buy Bitcoin On The Platform?

The procedure is simple and you have to follow only a few simple steps to get bitcoins in your wallet. Step number one is registering yourself on the platform and verifying if it is you who is using the account. Next, go through the platform and find the sellers that accept Payoneer as a potential source of payment. In the next step, you can have an agreement with the seller after discussing some regulations and other titbits with the seller itself. You can negotiate between prices and deals. The next step is paying that seller the amount for which you have settled the deal on Payoneer and after doing this it is possible for you to buy the stuff and send it to your bitcoin wallet instantly or later.

Pros Of Buying Bitcoin On Payoneer

The foremost benefit of buying bitcoin on Payoneer is that the fees that are paid for the transaction to complete are nominal and reasonable. Some of the sellers do not charge any fee but a maximum of them do in a nominal amount. The next benefit of using Payoneer is the security of the funds. If one is unsure about security it is of no use. Payoneer is undoubtedly secure. The offers related are various and wide so a range of offers is available. The interface of the app is user-friendly and handy so that even a newbie can easily use the application without any hassle. 

Cons Of Using Payoneer

It is specially made for businesses and not for individual users. The process related to registering yourself on the platform is somewhat lengthy and takes time when compared to some other applications providing similar services. The number of platforms that accept Payoneer is limited so that is the biggest con in using this platform.