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Top US Cities to Invest in Real Estate for 2022

Every day the American people are looking for the best places to invest their money. Real estate is one of those investments that many people turn to. 

Real estate investing is not an easy process and requires a lot of due diligence. Many people make the mistake of buying in just any city and end up getting scammed or losing their money when they realize they bought a piece of property worth less than what they paid for it. 

To avoid this, it is vital to look deep into the data before finalizing your purchase on where you want to invest in real estate.

Top US Cities to Invest in Real Estate for 2022

The article will go over 7 US cities that investors should consider buying property in for the next few years. The towns are based on predicted increases in income, population, housing values, and appreciation rates.

1. Scottsdale

This is one of the fastest-growing cities in the US. In fact, Scottsdale homes for sale have ranked in the top 5 hottest real estate markets over the last 3 years. 

Another plus of investing in this city is that it has a lower cost of living when compared to other cities like California and New York and higher living standards. 

Due to the city’s proximity to Phoenix and easy highway access, Scottsdale is becoming a hub for families and people looking for a shorter drive to work. Their prices are expected to increase by 33% over the next few years. 

The city upholds education standards harboring great schools and one of the state’s best high school football programs. This city is projected to expand as well.

2. Nashville, TN

Nashville is the capital of Tennessee and is ranked as the second-best place to invest in real estate for the next few years. The Nashville metro area is known as Music City due to its importance as the home of country music. 

There has been an increase in population over the next few years which will continue to rise. It is projected to increase by up to 12% by 2028, positively affecting the real estate market. In addition, the median household income has increased by 6.6% since 2012. 

There is an expected 16% growth in home prices within the next few years. The cost of living is still reasonable.

3. Austin, TX

Austin is a growing city in Texas. As the fourteenth largest US city, it is projected to grow by 10% between 2028 and 2022. The Austin real estate market is also projected to increase by 10% during the same period. The unemployment rate is currently 4.2%, much lower than the US average of 5.3%. 

They are also expected to have a higher than average growth in the housing market. The low housing prices and low median rent make Austin a great place to invest in real estate. 

The population increased by 5.1% from 2010 to 2015, and although this is not as much as cities like Nashville, this trend is projected to continue into the next few years.

4. Raleigh, NC

Raleigh is one of the most rapidly growing cities on this list. It is ranked as the 21st most populous city in the US. There are a lot of industries that are moving into Raleigh because of how much potential it holds for development and growth. 

Of course, with this comes an increase in real estate prices and an influx of people wanting to live there. It will create more demand for housing, which will lead to a rise in property prices and rent over time. 

The high student population in the area has led to high rental demand for those who need to live close to the city. The unemployment rate is below the US average. 

The annual average income is above the national average, and the median home price is expected to increase in the next few years. It makes it an excellent place to invest in real estate.

5. Tampa, FL

Tampa is the fourth largest city in Florida and one of the fastest-growing. Tampa is ranked as one of the best places to invest in real estate for the next few years. There has been a 1.4% increase in the population since 2012 and a 4.9% increase in the number of jobs. 

The median home price has increased by 10% since 2012 and is projected to rise by up to 8% by 2028. Due to the 27.7% increase in home prices, rents have increased similarly. The average rent price in Tampa is $1,158, the second-highest in the US after San Francisco. 

There has been a 39% increase in rental prices since 2012, making the city the best place to invest in real estate for short-term returns. It is all expected to continue in the next few years.

6. Boise, ID

Boise is the capital of Idaho. It is one of the largest cities in Idaho and is expected to grow by up to 7.6% by 2028. Boise has been ranked as one of the best places to invest in real estate for the next few years because it has a lower living cost than other cities such as New York and San Francisco. 

The median household income is high compared to other states in the US. The unemployment rate is below 4%, and the city has a lower percentage of people living below the poverty line. In addition, there has been an increase in population and jobs leading to an expected 11% rise in home prices by 2028.

7. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is the largest city in Nevada and is expected to expand by 6.3% by 2028. The median household income has increased by 7.3% since 2012, and the unemployment rate is below 6%. 

There are also a lot of new jobs in the area because of new casinos, hotels, and other entertainment places opening up over the past few years. It has led to an increase in population as well. The cost of living is reasonable due to lower taxes on real estate than in other parts of the country. 

It has low rental prices and a growing population, increasing the demand for housing.


There are a lot of advantages to investing in real estate in the US. If you choose the best city and time period, you can get a healthy return on your investment. There are a few drawbacks, but these top ten cities have many positives that others don’t. 

Many of them have an excellent growth rate for the next few years, so it is essential to consider these factors when deciding where to invest. 

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