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Tips to Speed Up Your VA Disability Claim

One thing everybody complains about applying for VA disability benefits is the slow process. The department handles thousands of applications daily but lacks the skills and equipment to process them quickly. It leads to a considerable backlog of pending applications, making the process even slower and less efficient.

Luckily, there are several strategies you can consider to speed up your VA claim processing. It’d help to consider consulting professionals like to navigate the legal system more efficiently and effectively. Let’s jump straight to some valuable tips to avoid slowing down your case while guaranteeing satisfactory results.

Document and File Early

Time is crucial, especially when dealing with a severe illness or permanent injury. To avoid wasting too much time, always submit your paperwork. Many individuals often ignore deadlines and end up getting their applications disqualified. Note that the sooner your paperwork gets submitted, the quicker the VA can process it.

Seek Treatment

You must seek the necessary treatment for your condition before applying for the VA disability claim. Getting medical help will help prevent further health complications while providing you with more evidence to present for your case. The medical reports and doctor testimonials help you get service connected as they are a requirement.

Attend All Exams

Sometimes, the VA might schedule compensation and pension exams to substantiate your injuries. You must prepare and attend these exams adequately. Failure to report to any exam can result in automatic VA benefits denial.

Attend All Scheduled Hearings

Not attending the scheduled hearings for your application will delay your VA disability claim approval. It’d help to plan for the hearing days before and ensure your schedule is clear. The VA hearings take months before scheduling and take at least two hours of your time. It might take you a long time before you can get another hearing scheduled.

Know Your Travel Restrictions

The VA must be aware of your whereabouts when applying for disability benefits. They must know your current address, and inform them if you plan on moving across town.

The address is crucial for VA applications, since claims and notices come through the mail. Moving without informing your VA means you’ll not receive crucial information regarding your case. It wastes a lot of time and can even have your claim denied if there is no correspondence for some years.

Time Your Claims

Experienced attorneys advise veterans to simultaneously apply for the different VA benefits they wish to pursue. Filing them together allows you to save more time despite pursuing different claims. It’s also cheaper and more effective, since the possibility of misplacing or forgetting some documents gradually decreases.

Don’t Be Ashamed to Apply

Many veterans shy away from filing for VA disability benefits since they don’t want to seem weak. However, applying for VA benefits is not a sign of weakness but an effort to show support for all injured veterans. There are over 900,000 pending US claims; you’re not the only one.

Don’t Allow the Claim to Close

Letting your VA disability claim close will slow down your application process considerably. If it closes, you’ll have to reopen the case all over again. The case will also demand new and relevant evidence.

Before it closes, the Department of Veterans Affairs indicates deadline details on the paperwork appeals you receive. You can also consider an attorney’s assistance to ensure all appeals get submitted promptly.

On average, it takes around 134 business days to clear your VA disability claim. However, you can significantly reduce this time by following the tips mentioned in this article. The trick is to start early and find professional help from a reputable veteran’s attorney.