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Voice Search Optimization in 4 Ways

The internet is a very great source of information and entertainment in Australia and all over the globe. From leisure to educational use, online shopping to research, name it, and the internet will provide it.

If you search for the top-rated tourist attraction in Melbourne on the internet, the results will most likely point you to Federation Square and the Royal Botanic Gardens. Or, if you type in “best suburb in Melbourne,” you’ll get Toorak and Brighton as results. Google always makes sure to give you what you’re asking for and digital marketing services in Melbourne work to give Google and your audience exactly that.

However, now, it’s more about how people search for things online rather than what they search for. As technology advances, people change the way they search for things, too. Thus, voice search came into the picture. If you want your site to get more traffic, you need to optimize for voice search, too.

Prioritize Local-based Search Results

Online users usually make use of voice search to look for information about things where they’re currently situated. It includes a store’s operating hours and restaurants within a specific distance. So, if you create content based on such questions, Google will recognize it and rank you higher.

Additionally, claiming the Google My Business Listing is an effective local SEO and voice search strategy. It will provide Google with accurate information about your business and pass it on to whoever searches for it easily.

Focus on Long-tail Keywords

If text search uses short and concise keywords, voice search leans more toward long-tail keywords, which are common phrases usually heard in people’s conversations. It means your content should focus on conversational phrases that search engines recognize to rank higher on the search engine results pages.

Highlight Information Using Structured Data

Structured data or schema markup, which your audience doesn’t see, helps Google organize and classify the kind of content you have. It makes it easy to find the exact information that searchers are looking for and gives you better chances of landing in a featured snippet.

Creating a FAQs page using structured data is a great way of optimizing for voice search. However, make sure your content is conversational rather than formal.

Optimize for Mobile Use

Mobile users are at the top when it comes to voice search. So, if your website is not mobile-friendly, you lower your chances of ranking in SERPs when a query is done through voice search.

Whether you’re very traditional and want to know about the Emmy Nominations using text search or you want to find out what’s going on with the Cbus Stadium through voice search, what’s important is you get answers.

What this means is that sites have to be optimized for both text and voice search. And you can do it with the help of digital marketing services in Melbourne.

So, no matter if you use one or both search methods, you need to understand that online search is evolving. And to be able to get ahead, your business and marketing strategies need to evolve, too.