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The Main Employee Benefits in Workplace Accident Claims

Employees are critical in helping a company soar higher and keep its operations afloat. Nonetheless, these individuals expose themselves to different risk factors, considering that workplace accidents have increased in the contemporary world. Fortunately, workers who incur injuries or lose their lives in their line of duty have higher chances of compensation. This makes it essential to understand what these payments cover. Read on keenly to better understand the possible benefits employees can enjoy after filing a workplace accident claim.

Medical Expenses

The first step after a workplace accident or occupational-related illness is visiting a doctor or medical practitioner. These health professionals examine the victims, conduct the necessary tests and examinations, and prescribe the proper medication. However, all these services come at a fee, meaning you must have adequate finances to cover these expenses.

Luckily, you don’t have to struggle to pay these medical bills. The law states that you can get compensation if your injuries or illness resulted from someone else’s negligence at your workplace. You can access different sources to learn more about workers’ compensation for covering medical expenses that foster recovery from occupational diseases and work injuries.

Permanent Partial Disabilities

Unfortunately, workplace injuries can be severe to the point that they lead to permanent disability. Nevertheless, this impairment can either be partial or total. Permanent partial disability means that there’s a body part that you can’t use anymore or one that affects your body’s general functioning.

The compensation you receive from this impairment comes after you’ve hit your injuries’ maximum medical recovery, but a particular body part remains inactive. For instance, an arm amputation may make handling tasks requiring both arms challenging. This is one instance where you can get compensated for permanent partial impairment.

Permanent Total Disability

Workplace injury severity has had adverse implications, including rendering the victims totally inactive. Permanent total impairment and disability mean you’re fully incapacitated to acquire gainful employment. In these cases, your workplace injuries and occupational illnesses completely and indefinitely disable you from handling your job. You can receive compensation to cater for the recovery phase and all the lost income.

Temporary Partial Disability

Work-related injuries and diseases can indeed be severe and cause serious damage to your body. Nevertheless, some victims are lucky, primarily those with temporary partial disability. This impairment type allows you to choose between working part-time and handling roles with a lower remuneration until you fully recover from your injuries or a workplace-related illness.

The best part about temporary partial impairment is how the employer or insurance provider calculates your compensation. You’re entitled to two-thirds of the amount you get when you subtract your current lower wages and the weekly salary you received before your injuries or disease.

Temporary Total Disability

Unlike temporary partial disability, temporary total impairment renders you completely inactive in your employment duties. This means you can no longer handle your job until you recover. However, this has a silver lining because, although you can’t work at the moment, your injuries or disease are temporary, meaning there are higher recovery chances. The compensation in such a case equals two-thirds of the average salary you received before your injuries. This payment covers all the days you miss from work as you recover.

Death Compensation

Losing your life in your line of duty is unfortunate, but your surviving family can receive compensation from your workplace. This payment can amount to up to $10,000. This amount goes towards the settlement of funeral and burial expenses and other related costs.

Incurring injuries at your workplace may mean staying at home, being admitted to a hospital, or losing your life. Luckily, you can receive appropriate compensation for your workplace injuries or occupational illnesses. The above-explained points explain the main benefits that employees enjoy in workplace-related accidents.