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PMP Certification

What Is the Total Cost of PMP Certification in India?

Accessibility to huge challenging projects through certified professionals and the rising demand for the same has given rise to a lot of employment opportunities in India. The PMP certification is a validation certificate for individual skills as well as experience in handling complicated projects and leading the same with efficiency. Once the candidate passes or qualifies for the PMP examination the career opportunity for him is secured in the field of employment. With lots and lots of benefits, the respective certification exam is not easy to qualify for, therefore the candidates or the aspirants need to enrol with the top PMP certification training partners. The respected certification is no doubt the best and the most reputed way to secure the best and most highly paid employment opportunities and paying the cost of acquiring the certification is worth the value in every aspect.

As per the cost of the respective certification in the country, the details vary according to the type, of course, opted for by the candidates.

In the article, the cost of different types of PMP certification courses has been discussed in detail.

Cost Of PMP Certification in India 

As far as the cost of a PMP certificate in India is concerned it varies ask for the rule enrolment status of the candidates.

  • Differentiation of cost is made according to the type of training they opt for just like if it is an online training session then the course may cost less as compared to the classroom training. The cost of PMP certification training at top-notch centres varies from approximately INR 11 to 24 thousand for the digital or online sessions or affiliation of courses which ranges from INR 14 to 25k for the same courses in physical classroom training.
  • Even the cost of the training varies with the status of the candidates enrolling for PMI Membership and the ones who are non-members. Since the members have paid already the membership fees the certification course for them is less as compared to that for the non-members.

When the cost ranges around 450 dollars for the members under the respective course the same is hiked up approximately to 555 dollars for the non-member experience of the same. This is so because the members have already paid the membership fees or the one-time application fees that range to approximately 139 dollars and that is why the consideration is provided to the members in terms of the course charges.

  • The non-PMI members have to pay more examination fees as compared to the members under the PMI certification. Even the renewal cost for both categories varies greatly. The ones who have enrolled for the membership under the head are only supposed to pay 275 dollars at the time of re-exam if needed and this becomes 375 dollars in the case of non-PMI members.

It is important to know that the examination fees are included in the total trading package. Also, the renewal cost for the certification for members is only $60 with the same hikes up to $150 for non-PMI members.

To get lucrative jobs as per the post of project managers or executives or IT experts, general managers are other similar and equivalent posts in the country or abroad PMP management course or training is beneficial to a great extent. Effective project management is one of the most important keys to digital transformation success. This  transformation is hitting almost every segment of traditional businesses, and nowhere is it more evident these days than the Project Management profession.