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Direct vs. Indirect Auto Transport Explained

Direct vs. Indirect Auto Transport Explained

Auto-shipping companies have direct and indirect transport systems to suit every person’s needs. These are the two main types of auto shipping, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. If you’re looking for the best auto transport company, it is important to know what these terms mean to decide which is right for you.

Direct Auto Transport

Direct auto transport is the most common way to ship a vehicle across state lines. In this method, you will deal with a company that handles all aspects of the auto shipping process, including picking up your car from its location to delivering it to its destination. Therefore, you don’t have to incur additional costs for transporting your vehicle from one terminal to another.

You only need to provide a pick-up and dropping address when dealing with direct auto transport services. The company will take care of all the involved logistics to ensure your vehicle reaches the agreed-upon destination on time.

The direct transportation method is ideal for people who want their vehicle delivered to the planned destination as soon as possible. The method works based on timelines. Therefore, your car will be delivered as scheduled.

Its affordability depends on where the company picks and delivers the vehicle. For instance, you could ask for an Arkansas to Florida auto transport estimate to know which company to use.

Indirect Auto Transport

An indirect auto-shipping method is also known as terminal-to-terminal. As the name suggests, the auto transport company moves your vehicle from one terminal to another. These companies have specific terminals in different areas.

During the transportation day, you should drive your vehicle to where the transport trailer will pick it up. On arrival at the set location, you will also drive it from the terminal to your home or preferred destination.

The method might be cheaper than direct auto shipping but more inconvenient. If you have a busy schedule, you will find it challenging to drive your vehicle from your home for a pick-up. You will also need someone on the other side to pick it up from the terminal.

The method can also be inconvenient because it depends on whether or not the truck driver needs to fill in slots in the trailer. In most cases, the service takes up to three weeks to pick up your vehicle from the terminal. Therefore, it will not inconvenience you if you don’t care much about timelines. However, people who prefer to have their vehicle shipped as soon as possible might find this method unreliable.

If you are looking for a cheap transportation option for your car, the indirect method is an ideal option. However, you should have a highly flexible schedule to ensure delivery delays will not affect your plans.

Methods Involved

Direct and indirect transport involves three methods of moving your car. They include flatbed, enclosed, and open transport. The flatbed method is ideal for large vehicles which cannot fit in an open or enclosed carrier. Although these services are rare, they are the only option you can use in transporting large vehicles.

The enclosed carrier transports your vehicle in an enclosed trailer, thus preventing it from being damaged by weather elements. The transportation mode is ideal for high-end vehicles or cars that need extra protection. When choosing this method, expect to part with a larger amount of money than the other options.

The open carrier is the most common type of transportation used in many auto shipping companies. It allows them to transport several vehicles at a go. Cars get exposed to various weather conditions, risking slight damage. However, companies have experience using this method, so your vehicle would reach your destination in good condition. The services are cheaper than enclosed carrier transportation.

The direct and indirect methods provide reliable auto shipping services. Their choice depends on an individual’s preferences, such as price and schedule.