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Emberify's Tips for Retaining Your Followers on Instagram

Emberify’s Tips for Retaining Your Followers on Instagram

Are you a brand trying to handle and manage your Instagram followers? Don’t worry if you are flooded with followers and messages. The following are a few hassle-free tips for you to master follower management on Instagram. Let’s get started!

Tips for Managing Followers on Instagram


The first and foremost tip for managing your followers on Instagram is to know who they are. Irrespective of your social media performance, it is vital to know about your followers. Leverage Instagram analytics to precisely determine the follower’s demographics, including gender, location, age, interest, etc. Also, invest some time to know the deep data since they are the heroes of your online presence. Check into their activities (followers’ DM’s, comments, likes, views, etc.) on the application for a better expertise. Make sure to know the whole FBI stalk of almost every follower. Sometimes a general insight would also help you more. If you are aware of your audiences, it will take a lot of work for you to do a competitor analysis. Make comparisons and upgrade simultaneously!

Content Engagement

After knowing who your audience is, the next step will be to upload content your audience will love to watch. To do so, you must keep your ideas channeled with their expectations. Knowing what they like and dislike will hello you come up with relevant content. This way, you can keep tabs on your fanbase. We have provided insights on how to garner more followers and practices to buy Instagram views Please keep reading to know them.

The best solution to garner more followers, retain them and get more views is to build engagement. The rate of engagement arrives only with the right content. If you want more engagement, then work for it. Engagement is not something that comes overnight and takes a lot of effort. So invest your time and ideas to create engaging content.


Responding to DM’s and comments on time will make your brand look good among the followers. It will also make your followers feel that you are something more than a brand. This is the type of achievement that every brand requires. If you aren’t much responsive, then your followers might feel you are inactive. This might lead you to lose a few loyal fanbases. So make sure you take advantage of this. Keep your followers excited. Connect with them, and make sure they are essential to you. This will keep them coming back to you.

Pin a Few Comments

On Instagram, every user will have their top comments getting displayed. It might be anything that includes the most-liked one, a recent comment, etc. just by pinning your favorite comment, you can permanently keep it on the top as the first comment so that the audience will see that as the first comment.

Tip to pin a comment:

Pin a comment on the application by tapping on the comment option of your post. Scroll the comment that you wish to pin and swipe left. You can see the pin icon; tap it to pin it at the top of the comments section. This feature can be used more like an FAQ. By pinning a standard question, your followers will post their responses simultaneously.

Try Saved Replies

If you feel like you are receiving the same type of queries repeatedly on your DM space, do not worry. Instagram has an inbuilt feature using which you can quickly respond to all of those queries. This saved replies option is a shortcut on the keyboard, using which you can create short replies to all basic questions.

Tip to Use this Feature:

To set up, the saved replies feature on Instagram, ensure your account is public (business or creator’s profile). Then tap the menu button (top right corner of your display). After that, go to settings-> creator-> saved reply. Next, pick an apt shortcut for your response. After doing it, the application will automate the text with your messages.

Manage DM’s and Comments

Users on Instagram could manage their DM’s and comments for themselves. Working the DMs in one place will help keep things short and easy. Using this, you can handle both your private and public interactions. Keeping with your DMs is vital since they will help you build better bonding and connections with fellow users.

Stay Away From Spam, Bots, and Trolls

We are now at the worst portion of social media. The spam, bots, and trolls. All these are not just annoying to handle but also harm your fanbase. It also changes the perception of your firm. So to ensure that your Instagram profile is a good experience for everybody, you could just:

  • Please limit your comments and trash a few of them that are inappropriate or spam.
  • You can also delete the comments from a bot profile or suspects.
  • Make sure to report the spam and users.
  • Make a social media policy for your brand so they will know how to respond to your post.

Since Instagram offers the best way to ignore offensive comments automatically, you can stay from them. To hide the offensive comments automatically, you should:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Choose Privacy.
  • Click on Hidden words.
  • Customize your comment controls.

There are a few steps to filter your comments manually. For that, you can type the words that you wish to ignore. So that specific words or phrases will be hidden from the comments. You can easily block the comments of a few users by following the below steps

  • Go to Settings.
  • Click Privacy.
  • Tap the Comments option.
  • Enter the names or IDs you want to block or restrict from commenting on your posts.


Instagram is a good application that has a lot of great features in it. The application is prevalent due to its massive fanbase. Anybody with a good online presence can succeed using Instagram. How you retain your followers on the app using sources like Emberify will determine your reach. Only with a good fanbase can you operate efficiently on Instagram. The above information is quite helpful for retaining your fanbase. Please let us know if you have any questions or ideas, you would like to share with us.