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Never Read Geiger? Here’s Why You Should Start Today

Geoff Johns has worked with Marvel and other teams to produce many new and worthwhile series as a comic creator. His most recent creation, the creator-owned Geiger series, is rapidly becoming very popular with many different readers. If you’ve never heard of this comic and love apocalyptic stories, you may want to read more about its plots and its unique and engaging themes.

What is Geiger?

Geiger follows the titular character as they explore the apocalyptic United States after the Unnamed War destroyed most of it with nuclear radiation. Geiger is the only one in his city who can go outside its borders due to a dangerous accident that left him with surprising superpowers. As he explores the country, he runs into heroes, villains, and everything in between in his personal quest.

This comic explores many different themes, including the dangers of war, courage in the face of adversity, cynicism, moral breakdowns, and how one keeps hope in a hopeless environment. These themes may be familiar to many apocalyptic stories, but Johns brings his trademark character work, attention to detail, and action set pieces firmly available in this fun and fascinating story.

Geiger is currently creator-owned, meaning that Johns is operating outside normal studio involvement. As a result, the book is driven entirely by his creativity and the skills of his many artists. As its success has been increasing in recent months, Johns and his team have created a group of characters that further expand this universe and provide more context to the destructive war and its consequences.

Who Else is In These Stories?

Junkyard Joe has become a fan favorite in Geiger because of his fascinating story and unique personality. As a Cold War fighting machine, Junkyard Joe represents the fallen peak of American expansionism and patriotism. Yet, he tries to keep a positive attitude in a dangerous world and shows the reader that hope is not always a useless commodity in such difficult times, including those that currently surround us today.

Johns also excited his fans by announcing a new series, The Redcoat, that ties into the Unnamed Universe. The Redcoat is a survivor of the American Revolution who gained immortality (!) and who also took place in the Unnamed War. His comic is likely to explore his past, examine his influence on world history, and provide deeper context about the current apocalyptic environment.

Getting Started

If you’re interested in the rapidly expanding Unnamed Universe and its potential for great storytelling, the best thing to do is just start at the beginning. First, read through the whole Geiger run, and then try out the new The Redcoat series. Reading these related books will draw you into this story and help you better understand the fascinating world that Johns is creating with his unforgettable characters. Keep tuning into to learn more about this fascinating series and the significant influence it could have on the comic book industry in the future.