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What to do if You are Bitten by a Neighbor’s Dog

What to do if You are Bitten by a Neighbor’s Dog?

Have you been bitten by another person’s dog? Irresponsible dog ownership, disease, and ineffective training can all be responsible. Here is what to do if you are bitten by a dog in the street.

Why Dogs Bite Neighbors?

Dogs are amazing. They are the best pet your family could have. They are eternally loyal, make you go out every day to get exercise walking them, and they are always there to greet you when you return home. However, dogs can be dangerous, and for absolutely no reason whatsoever. A dog that you have known all your life can suddenly turn on you due to a bad scent or a human moving in a way they find threatening – that’s why proper training is important.

While most dogs will protect their families, it is not unusual for them to bite strangers they may see as a threat. Since your neighbors regularly work around the outskirts of the dog’s perceived family space, they can interpret their actions as a threat to the family.

If you are bitten by a dog, here are the steps that expert Tucson Dog Bite Lawyers recommend you take to secure your interests.

What to Do if a Neighbor’s Dog Bites you?

The first thing you should do if your neighbor’s dog bites you is to move yourself to a safe location. Get distance between yourself and the animal and then inspect the wound. Use a clean towel and put pressure on the wound. Next, contact the emergency services to come and help you. Tell them there is a dangerous dog in the area and they will send animal control.

Seek medical help as soon as you can. Speak to the police and gather any witnesses or evidence you can find. A dangerous dog will likely face the needle whereas irresponsible owners will face potential charges and compensation. You can claim compensation to recuperate the damages.

Other Considerations Which May Affect Your Case

Claims for compensation after a dog bite are not always easy. Look out for the following complexities.

Was the dog provoked?

A dog which is defending its humans or protecting its family does not deserve punishment for doing so. If you were bitten while attacking its owner, the legal system will not be kind to you.

Is the dog legal?

If your dog is an illegal breed and they bite a neighbor, or if you get bitten by a neighbor’s illegal dog breed, the case may be more complex should you seek compensation. You can find a list of dog breeds which may be illegal in your country to help determine if you should re-evaluate your dog ownership, or if a dog in your neighborhood is illegal.

Does the dog have a disease?

If the dog has rabies, a mental impairment, or another disease, this might explain the bite and increase your settlement, since the risk of infection is greater.

If you own a Misbehaving Dog, Prepare for the Worst

If you own a dog who gets off lead and attacks your neighbors, you must be prepared for the worst. The chances are that the dog will be put to sleep while you are left to pay reparations. Whether you are the victim or the perpetrator in this scenario, you should seek legal representation. A claim for compensation is the only just way for a victim to seek help with their medical bills.