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advantages of container shipping

What are the advantages of container shipping?

Even if containerization conveys numerous advantages to freight distribution, it does not come without challenges. The main advantages of containerization are:


Containers can transport a very massive range of items ranging from meals grains or meals merchandise to machinery. Out-of-Gauge cargo (OOG) can be effortlessly transported on flatbeds or platform containers. Cargoes that are of ordinary sizes and shapes that do no longer healthy into the ordinary containers are referred to as OOG cargo.

Specially built containers referred to as Reefers (Refrigerated Containers) can raise these objects that are touchy to temperature versions such as pharmaceutical tablets and perishable meals items.

Typically, it consists of an insulated container equipped with a transportable refrigeration unit. The temperature internal a refrigerated container can be set in accordance to the necessities of the object that it carries.

A flexitank is a sturdy container with a large, durable, and bendy bag internal that can be stuffed with any non-hazardous liquid cargo for transport. Flexitanks are used to transport positive liquid cargo in bulk such as wines, latex, fit for human consumption oils, etc.

Ease of Management

Management of container cargo or FCL (Full Container Load) is less complicated than coping with different techniques of transporting items such as by means of Less-than Container Loads (LCL).

Shipping containers are indivisible gadgets and every registered container has a special identification variety making it handy to tune and hint it for the duration of a voyage. This special variety referred to as the container wide variety is given to it following specs of the Bureau International des Containers (BIC). The BIC is an organisation primarily based in Paris that ‘oversees requirements for intermodal containers’.

The container quantity is used in the verification of cargo by way of quite a number events such as the shipper, the receiver, ports and customs authorities, etc.

Speed of Transportation

With greater and greater effective cargo ships and cutting-edge container dealing with equipment, transhipment instances have decreased drastically. Loading and unloading are quicker these days, at ports as properly as at current warehouses.

Standardized MHE (Material Handling Equipment) makes it less complicated to deal with delivery containers coming from and going to exclusive components of the world.

Economies of Scale

The price of transporting items by way of containers is stated to be 20 to 25 instances much less than the price of transporting the equal items as unfastened bulk or LCL. Containerization has considerably introduced down the transport value factor in the pricing of goods.

Economies of scale is a foremost aspect here. In general, economies of scale is the benefit groups get as a end result of producing or dealing in bulk.


Depending on the usage, a transport container can closing for 10 to 25 years. Once they are condemned after it is no longer usable, containers are frequently used for storage or transformed as residing quarters.

Empty containers are used as brief storage area by using warehouses and distributers in particular when their storage facility has reached its capacity. Containers can be positioned in any handy vicinity in the warehouse yard. It affords brief and bendy storage for agencies when required.

The exercise of refurbishing and the use of historic containers as dwelling quarters is gaining reputation the world over. It is less expensive to set up whilst at the equal time they seem fashionable when achieved appropriate and aesthetically.

Safety and Security

Intermodal containers are secure and secure. These heavy-duty packing containers are walled on all 5 aspects besides one quit the place the double doorways are located. These double doorways have double lock-rods each, that are used to lock and seal the container making it protected and tamper-proof.


Since ISO-certified containers are of widespread dimension and dimensions they can be dealt with universally through any popular transport and MHE. This makes it simpler to use, transport, and keep the containers.


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